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Birdgirl Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Season 1 of "Birdgirl" — a "Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law" spin-off which saw the lawyer-slash-superhero's wannabe sidekick step into the limelight and head up her own law firm in the wake of the death of her father — had fans going "oh my god" quite often when the show debuted in the early spring. The show seems to have done pretty well with viewers — via ShowBuzzDaily, it closed in 25th place among original cable TV program offerings during the final episode of the season.

"Birdgirl" is about Judy Ken Sebben, a peppy and enthusiastic executive who moonlights as superheroine Birdgirl. When her father, Phil (like Judy, a regular on "Harvey Birdman") dies unexpectedly, Birdgirl is named as his successor at the family megacorp Sebben & Sebben Worldwide instead of Judy. Since Judy developed Birdgirl to get her father's attention, it's a particularly sharp stab in the gut. Judy has to then grapple with her unresolved issues with Phil and play double duty as she tries to fight crime. 

The highly-octane adventures of Judy Ken Sebben haven't been confirmed for a second season yet, but the show's producers have confirmed that they'd love to put out more episodes. "We would love to do a Season 2. There are characters like Ron Funches as ShareBear. He was genius and so funny. It was meant to be a one-off thing, but he's got to come back," Erik Richter, "Birdgirl"'s co-showrunner, told IndieWire. "We've done the hard work of figuring out what this world is. We would love to sort of explore with these guys a little bit more."

Will the second season be greenlit by Adult Swim, when can we expect to see it, who will be in it, and what will it be about? Keep reading to find out.

When will the second season of Birdgirl be released?

If there's anything Adult Swim fans know, it's that the network is notorious for its long lead times between season pick-ups. Ask "Venture Brothers" and "Metalocalypse" fans how long they had to wait for new seasons of their favorite show (or even a proper cancellation announcement), and you'll learn that sometimes, you have to wait for weeks to pass by before finding out what a show's status is. It's a situation that's even leaked over to the Cartoon Network side of the slate, as evidenced with "Steven Universe."

Should Adult Swim approve a fresh season of "Birdgirl" over the next week, it will likely take up to a year for it to air — perhaps more, depending on how long the lead time is between animation, scripting, and voiceover work sessions. Some shows have been stuck waiting in limbo forever, and even its most popular shows — like "Rick And Morty" — have waited a year or more between new seasons. So don't expect to see more "Birdgirl" any time soon.

Who will star in the second season of Birdgirl?

If the second season is greenlit, naturally, Paget Brewster would likely return as Judy/Birdgirl. It's likely that Rob Delaney would return as Brian O'Brien, the unpredictable head of human waste at Sebben & Sebben and one of Judy's frequent foes. Also likely to return is Negin Farsad as Meredith the Mind Taker, Judy's best friend and a member of her superteam when she isn't working as general manager at S&S. 

Likewise, expect the following regulars to be back: John Doman as Dog with Bucket Hat, head of security; Sonia Denis as Evie/The Big Ten, who has made friends with the S&S building and can read its feelings; Tony Hale as company masseur Paul, aka "The Feels"; Lorelei Ramirez as Charlie/Strongarm, head of PR for S&S; and Kether Donohue as Gillian, Judy's extremely over-dedicated workaholic secretary. 

As mentioned above, the production team definitely wants to bring back characters that only appeared for one episode, such as ShareBear, who was voiced by Ron Funches.

What will the second season of Birdgirl be about?

Since "Birdgirl" is generally an episodic series with no overarching season-long plotline aside from its show-wide themes, it's likely that should the show be renewed, Judy will continue along with her double life, dodging one-and-done incidents of mayhem as she goes. She'll continue to struggle with her conflicted feelings about her father, and try to maintain friendships with her Birdteam colleagues, while taking care of Birdcat and trying to figure out what a work-life balance is. And no matter what, she'll probably continue to use Sebben & Sebben to bring about the advancement of the human race, come better or (usually) for worse.

No matter where the show's adventures take her, Judy will surely make the audience laugh with her every kick, punch, stomp, and outlandish reaction. "The fact that Sebben & Sebben makes absolutely anything? There's an endless list of things they might own that are worth exploring," Christina Miller, co-showrunner, told IndieWire.

"We've done the hard work of figuring out what this world is. We would love to sort of explore with these guys a little bit more," Richter agreed. Good luck to them both in grabbing that second season.