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The Appalachian Horror Mystery That's Heating Up On Netflix

If you're looking for a new campy horror movie to enjoy, Netflix has got you covered.

"The Devil Below" follows four amateur adventurers and scientists who pay a visit to Shookum Hills, a remote town in the Appalachian Mountains, which was abandoned decades prior due to a mysterious coal mine fire. However, the explorers soon find out the eerie location isn't quite as desolate as they thought, and perhaps there's more than charred remains lurking below the surface. 

The movie, which had a quiet March theatrical release in Italy prior to its Netflix debut, was filmed on location in Kentucky's Appalachian mountains. Though the level of camp presented here certainly has its charms, the critics have been less than enamored with "The Devil Below," which holds an unfortunate 0% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences have been slightly more forgiving, offering up a 14% approval for the film. Will you be one of the rare viewers who totally gets the film? Only one way to find out.

The Devil Below features a cast of horror veterans

The cast of veteran scream kings and queens in "The Devil Below" is definitely a major part of the film's draw, which may explain its ascent up the Netflix charts. The movie stars Will Patton, known for his work in the "Halloween" reboot, as well as Jonathan Sabowski from "The Chernobyl Diaries." Spanish actress Alicia Sanz, known for her work in "From Dusk 'til Dawn: The Series," provides her acting talents as the film's lone female character, tour guide Arianne.

While "The Devil Below" may not be as lauded as recent art house horror films, it is not without its merits. Noel Murray at The Los Angeles Times commended the film for its location, saying, " The best thing 'The Devil Below' has going for it is its stark, remote location, which evokes the feeling of a world unto itself, hidden away in rural America." Sara Michelle Fetters of MovieFreak.com praised Sanz's performance, calling it "excellent," saying the actress "[delivers] a complex, intimately dense performance." 

"The Devil Below" may not be the next great monster film, however, if you're looking for a campy, amusing horror flick to watch with your friends, "The Devil Below" will deliver.