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The AHS Character That Fans Have Dubbed The Queen Of Sass

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck's shows are known for their one-liners. "Glee" gifs are still a substantial language unto themselves — even over five years after the show's cancelation. The same goes for horror comedy "Scream Queens," which took the "American Horror Story" format and threw in a dash of "30 Rock" rapid-fire dialogue and joke cramming. 

Though never as overtly comedic, "American Horror Story" has had its share of sassy characters over nine seasons, as well. The show features many comedic actors like Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman, and lets them deliver killer lines before getting killed in some horrific fashion. "AHS: Coven," a season devoted to the inner politics of a group of women, probably had the quippiest dialogue of the bunch. Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe), Madison (Emma Roberts), Fiona (Jessica Lange), and even Kathy Bates' old-timey Delphine LaLaurie all had attitude to spare. And we can't forget the iconic Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy), whose final words on this earth — "Balenciaga!" — solidified her status as a fashion queen. 

Even with all that stiff competition, one witch at Miss Robichaux's academy stands tall as Reddit's official Queen of Sassiness.

Surprise, witch! Madison Montgomery is Sass Supreme

In a Reddit poll, Madison Montgomery went toe-to-toe with Montana Duke (Billie Lourd) of "1984," and won handily. Montgomery was Emma Roberts' entree to the "AHS" universe, and she made quite the impression. The "AHS" team was so charmed with Roberts' performance that they basically had her reprise it on "Scream Queens." Madison's "Surprise, b****!" moment is one the internet's favorite gifs, according to Vulture.

One Redditor commented that the competition was unfair, akin to comparing apples to oranges. "Madison is classic 90's film alpha b**** sassy," they wrote. "Montana is only girl who grew up rough housing with 8 crazy brothers and don't take no s*** sassy." One is sass for sass' sake (Madison), the other is a survival mechanism with a deeper backstory (Montana).

Madison's sass helped her survive hell in between "Coven" and "Apocalypse." Once rescued from hell, Madison got more character development ... that was erased by that season's time-travel resolution. Oh, well. Guess she'll just remain an unrepentant sass queen.