The Major Predator Cameo We Never Got To See In Predator 2

The "Predator" movies are some of the most iconic science-fiction/horror adventures to ever grace the silver screen. From Arnold Schwarzenegger's iconic "Get to da choppa!" line to Stan Winston's terrifying creature design for the eponymous alien hunter, it was always destined for greatness. But what's interesting is that aside from the race of aliens themselves, there aren't really any returning characters that pop up continuously throughout the universe. Sure, Schwarzenegger's Dutch gets referenced a few times, but he's never made a return to the franchise.

But one of the characters from the first "Predator" film was originally intended to return in the sequel "Predator 2," which was led by Danny Glover as a Los Angeles detective hunting a killer who turns out to be one of the snarling aliens. It's an interesting shift from the iconic first film, moving the action from a tropical jungle to the concrete playground of LA. Gary Busey's Agent Keyes provides a link to the first film when explaining to Glover's Lieutenant Harrigan that this isn't the first time the Predators have arrived on Earth.

However, Keyes' discussion about the alien killer should've included a brief appearance from one of the people who survived the first film and would've given a firsthand account of what the creature was capable of in a taped debriefing. But the footage was left on the cutting room floor for a very specific reason.

Anna Gonsalves' debriefing

As revealed by AVP Galaxy, Elpidia Carrillo shot scenes for "Predator 2," reprising her role as guerilla fighter Anna Gonsalves, who survived the incident in the Central American rainforest. A tape of her debriefing over the Predator's hunting party was part of the first script draft for the sequel, and it would've gone hand-in-hand with a brief appearance from Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dutch in a similar debriefing about how he survived his hand-to-hand fight. But the studio couldn't get the fan-favorite actor back aboard for a sequel, so the producers scrapped the idea of the whole debriefing scene altogether.

But that doesn't mean Elpidia can't still be seen in the sequel! In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, the actress can briefly be seen on one of the screens Keyes and Harrigan are looking at during their conversation. The tape is paused, so we can't see the actual footage of her discussing the events in action, but the scene itself was definitely shot. From what AVP Galaxy pointed out, it was only a short scene. But who knows, maybe it'll arrive on the special features of a collector's edition in the future.