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Loki Fans Think They've Spotted Stan Lee In Episode 1

Contains spoilers for "Loki," Episode 1.

"Loki" has made its Disney+ debut, and fans have already begun pausing Episode 1 ("Glorious Purpose") frame by frame as they try to find Easter eggs. The introductory episode is full of nods to former MCU moments, as about half of the show is dedicated to Loki's (Tom Hiddleston) greatest hits from films past. With a bizarre plot and twisted story that viewers are still trying to grasp, Episode 1 was full of sneaky little references.

Fans of the show have taken to Twitter to discuss some of the things that they've seen, with some believing they've spotted an homage to the late Stan Lee. The Marvel Comics legend made cameos in every MCU film prior to his death in 2018 and even pre-recorded some appearances, which showed up after he in "Captain Marvel," "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse," and "Avengers: Endgame."  Any cameos moving forward will likely come from previously filmed material or the inventive way he seems to have popped up in "Loki." There's one specific scene where fans believe they have spotted the iconic writer.

Stan Lee could be on the walls of the TVA

Shortly after the TVA captures Loki and brings him to their headquarters, he stands trial for his crimes against the sacred timeline. When he first walks through the doors of the courtroom, we can see several large portraits on the walls behind him. These three portraits appear at various times throughout the scene, and the one that has caught the eye of many viewers is furthest to the right. The artwork has six people displayed on it, and the one at the very center looks like a young Stan Lee. The man is wearing a red sash and is holding gold scales, suggesting he was a former TVA judge.

Fit with signature tinted glasses and a bold mustache, this mystery man appears to be an homage to the Marvel Comics writer — at least, that's what the fans think. "I think there was a Stan lee easter egg," one fan tweeted out. "Look for a 1970s era Stan Lee amidst the people in one of the TVA murals," another Twitter user suggested to their followers. It definitely doesn't appear to be an older Lee in the mural, but a younger version of the author. At the time of this writing, there hasn't been a confirmation from Marvel Studios or anyone on the "Loki" team about this potential Lee cameo. For now, we'll continue to remain true believers that Lee's presence graced the halls of the TVA.