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Here's Where You Can Watch Matilda

It's not wise to balk at children's media just because it's for kids. In fact, as "Matilda" might teach you, it's a bad idea to balk at children at all. Based on the 1988 Roald Dahl book of the same name, "Matilda" is a charming, magical, and beloved movie about one gifted child in a world that doesn't seem to appreciate kids at all. Hailed as a classic in children's cinema, "Matilda" still holds a 90% of Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer.

The film follows Matilda (played by Mara Wilson), a genius-level child who grew up reading college-level books before she ever went to school. Despite her genius, however, she is repeatedly ignored and abused by her no-good, scam-artist father (played by Danny DeVito, who also directed and narrates the film) and his family. Her situation is similar to that of Harry Potter, but the similarities end when Matilda goes to school. Instead of a magical school of wonders such as Hogwarts, Matilda finds a hostile realm ruled by the iron fist of Principal Trunchbull. At the same time, Matilda discovers that just like Harry Potter, she has special powers. With her friends at her side, she seeks to reintroduce joy to the depressing environment around them.

It's a classic tale of childhood whimsy fighting against adult cynicism. And if you wish to revisit this 1996 gem, there are several services where you can find "Matilda" available for streaming, albeit at a cost.

Matilda is available now on Vudu

Unfortunately, no major streaming service, such as Netflix or Hulu, currently provides "Matilda" at no extra cost. This may be an inconvenience for those who are looking to watch the classic kids' film, but there are still several ways to view the movie at a relatively low cost. For instance, the streaming service Vudu is providing a digital rental for "Matilda" at just $2.99.

Likewise, services such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and YouTube provide digital rentals at a similar cost. Customers also have the option of straight-up purchasing the film for $7.99. Other than that, there are no strictly legal ways for anyone to watch "Matilda" online.

This is a shame, considering that the movie is so highly lauded by kids who grew up watching it. Should Sony Pictures, which currently owns distribution rights to the film, ever decide to offer "Matilda" up to a popular streaming service, there is little doubt that it would find success there. Until then, unfortunately, would-be viewers will either have to pony up the dough or play the waiting game.