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City On A Hill Season 3 Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far

Executive produced by Massachusetts scribes Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, the Showtime drama "City on a Hill" is set in early '90s Boston, a time when crime is up and law enforcement tends towards looking the other way, if not outright corruption. That all changes however when a former Brooklyn lawyer, DeCourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge), becomes Assistant D.A. and allies with shady yet sincere FBI veteran Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon) in order to bring justice to Beantown.

Featuring plenty of thick Boston accents, drinking, and tense armed robberies, the show has plenty to offer fans of "The Departed," "The Friends of Eddie Coyle," and Affleck's own Charlestown centered movie, "The Town." Season 1 also had some critical acclaim at 76% on Rotten Tomatoes, while one AV Club critic praised Season 2's recent premiere, writing that the show "begins its sophomore session with the brash confidence of Kevin Bacon's Jackie Rohr."

Season 2 only just finished airing, but here's everything we currently know about Season 3 of "City on a Hill."

What's the release date for City on a Hill Season 3?

In June, Deadline reported that the Showtime network greenlit Season 3 of "City on a Hill," which is slated to have eight episodes. Though the second season only just concluded in May, it already seemed like a safe bet that the show would return, considering the critical acclaim it received as well as the appeal of stars Bacon and Hodge. "Hill" and the new revival of "Dexter" are likely the highest-profile dramas on the network now that the long-running "Shameless" has wrapped up.

Luckily compared to the wait between Season 1 and 2, fans likely won't have to wait as long for the third season. The first season premiered in August 2019 while the second, delayed by the pandemic, arrived this March.

Knowing then that the production cycle for television takes about a year – including writing, shooting the series, post-production, then marketing – the likeliest point at which "City on a Hill" would return is either spring or summer 2022.

Who's in the cast of City on a Hill Season 3?

It's likely that most of the regular cast will be returning for "City on a Hill" Season 3. This includes Aldis Hodge as DeCourcy Ward, Kevin Bacon as Jackie Rohr, Lauren E. Banks as Siobhan Quay, and Jill Hennessey as Jenny Rohr. Mark Ryder as Father Doyle, a recurring character in Season 2, is also likely to come back for another season.

Returning cast members probably won't include Amanda Clayton as Cathy Ryan, however, as her character seemingly left Boston, and the show, for good in the Season 2 finale "Pax Bostonia." Pernel Walker's activist character Grace Campbell also may have served her part in the story, having seen her gang member sons, Anton and Kelvin, both die in tragic circumstances. Both of the characters' storylines seem to have come to their natural conclusions, though we won't know if that's the case until Season 3.

What's the plot of City on a Hill Season 3?

The last episode of Season 2, "Pax Bostonia," ended with several of the characters seemingly at a dead end, while others are trying to find a way forward. Siobhan looks like she'll be working for the ACLU in Season 3 to her husband DeCourcy's chagrin, as this will likely result in their continued professional feuding.

Meanwhile, FBI Agent Jackie Rohr is sans badge, as he chucked it into the waters, "Dirty Harry" style, at the end of the last episode after ruining his career at the OPR meeting. Season 3 could see the agent going even further into corruption or even leaving the Bureau, heading out on his own. It'd be intriguing to see Jackie as a rogue agent of sorts after spending so long straddling the line between corruption and law.

Season 2 also set up strands of storytelling about the IRA as well as the corruption of the Catholic Church, both subjects that are very relevant to Boston history and could be explored masterfully in Season 3. For now, if you just want to catch up on the show, both seasons are streaming on Hulu.