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Netflix Users Outraged Over Devastating Jupiter's Legacy News

Season 1 of "Jupiter's Legacy" set up many plot threads for future episodes to explore. In addition to the massive villain reveal in the season finale, the show also established how Hutch (Ian Quinlan) would go to the ends of the Earth to save his father. There's also the question of whether Chloe (Elena Kampouris) would ultimately follow in her parents' footsteps and become the superhero they want her to embody. 

Sadly, those questions will remain up in the air as "Jupiter's Legacy" comic book writer Mark Millar announced Netflix released the cast from their contracts, dooming any hopes of a follow-up. Millar posted in his original tweet that he remained hopeful a second season could materialize at some point, but even if that does happen, it will not be any time soon. After all, Netflix has its hands full with a slew of other projects adapted from the Millarworld brand of comics, and Millar even revealed in the tweet that he had begun working on a live-action series based on "Supercrooks."

While Netflix hasn't released numbers regarding how many people watched the superhero series, it didn't do too well with critics, garnering only a 38% rating on the Tomatometer. It likely didn't help with the series' prospects despite its average audience score of 72%. Looking through the various comments that have poured in from Twitter, it's clear the show did amass some form of a fan base, and those supporters have let their opinions known that the show deserves a second chance. 

The Jupiter's Legacy cancelation has upset a lot of people

As tends to happen with any Netflix show that receives the ax, fans are quick to express their disappointment on social media. After all, "Jupiter's Legacy" draws influence from critically-acclaimed comic books, so regardless of what some may have thought of the first season, there were still a ton of intriguing storylines the show could've picked up on. Twitter user @jasonenriqo noted this precisely as he wrote, "I'm disappointed that Jupiter's Legacy is getting, effectively, [canceled]. It had a lot of potential from its source materials that could've been explored in later seasons."

In a search for answers, some fans on Twitter offer their ideas on what could've saved the show, and it all comes down to one thing — wigs. In apparent jest, several users make comments like, "Jupiter's Legacy wouldn't have flopped if they just gave that dude a better wig" and "Wow, Jupiter's Legacy is already canceled solely because the wigs were so bad."

With enough fan outcry, perhaps Netflix could reconsider the future of "Jupiter's Legacy," but don't hold your breath. 

What does the future of Netflix's Millarworld entail?

Now that comic book fans know that Netflix is more than happy to cancel a high-budget series, they hopefully understand the importance of supporting a new show as much as they can. Many adaptations are on the way from the Millarworld comics, and anyone sad at the news of "Jupiter's Legacy" getting canceled should make sure to tune in for these shows as soon as they release. 

Mark Millar's announcement of a live-action "Supercrooks" series is intriguing for a couple of reasons. For starters, in the comic books, "Supercrooks" takes place in the same universe as the events of "Jupiter's Legacy," so theoretically, characters and events from the Netflix series could make their way onto this new show that instead focuses on the villains. Secondly, the "Supercrooks" show Millar mentioned in his tweet will be a different series from the anime series also in development. As Millar explained, "Note: Supercrooks will appear first as an Anime series from Studio Bones later this year." 

Other projects in the pipeline include "American Jesus" and "The Magic Order;" however, there haven't been any announcements regarding release dates as of this time (via Syfy). Anyone wanting more stories explicitly set in the "Jupiter's Legacy" universe does have a bit of luck. Mark Millar has worked on a new comic book series — "Jupiter's Legacy: Requiem." The first book from the 12-issue series drops on June 16, and it focuses on Chloe, Hutch, and their children as they continue trying to make Earth peaceful. For now, it's the closest thing fans can get to some semblance of closure on the short-lived Netflix series.