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Blue Bayou - What We Know So Far

Justin Chon has come a long way since his days portraying Eric Yorkie in the "Twilight" series. He still acts occasionally, with his most recent performance coming in the form of a voiceover role on Nickelodeon's "The Casagrandes;" however, he's come into his own as a talented writer and director. 

The projects he decides to direct tend to be smaller in scale, as best exemplified in his last feature project — "Ms. Purple." The gripping drama follows two siblings raised solely by their father, both of whom have to deal with his impending death. It's challenging but essential viewing to see this classic story told from a unique perspective.

Chon hasn't slowed down, and he plans on releasing what's bound to be his biggest film to date, packed with powerfully talented actors. The studio hasn't revealed much about the movie as of this point, but judging from what Chon has accomplished in the past, it's bound to be one of the best dramas of 2021. 

What's the release date for Blue Bayou?

"Blue Bayou" has been on the back burner for a while now. Principal photography wrapped on the film back toward the tail-end of 2019 (via Deadline), but of course, 2020 threw a wrench in numerous movies' release plans. In July 2020, Focus Features acquired the rights to "Blue Bayou" (via Variety), and now, it looks like we finally have a release date for when the film will drop in theaters. The release date for the movie is now officially set for September 17, 2021. 

It's still a prime summer release spot that should offer some nice counter-programming for anyone who wants a break from all of the tentpole blockbusters due to come out. Based on what we know so far, it appears as though the film will release in theaters initially before making the move to video-on-demand and streaming. All of this is subject to change, so keep checking back to see if any new developments pop up in the next few months.

Who's in the cast for Blue Bayou?

Justin Chon stars in the lead role of Antonio LeBlanc in "Blue Bayou." As a writer and director on many of his recent projects, Chon can give himself the parts he always wished were there when he first started working in the industry. He detailed the often painful process in an op-ed to NBC News back in 2016. 

He wrote about turning down an audition because the casting directors had asked the actors who participated to perform with an offensive accent. Later in the article, he explained, "The more I create original content — whether it be Asian-centric or just people-centric — the more the playing field evens out."

Chon has an impressive cast backing him up, including Oscar winner Alicia Vikander, who will portray his character's wife, Kathy, in "Blue Bayou." The drama will also have Mark O'Brien ("Halt and Catch Fire"), Sydney Kowalske ("Doom Patrol"), Linh Dan Pham ("Mr. Nobody"), and Emory Cohen ("The OA"). 

What's the plot of Blue Bayou?

Based on the synopsis released by Focus Features, it sounds like "Blue Bayou" will be a topical film shining a light on the often unfair practices of deportations in the United States. Antonio (Chon) has spent pretty much his entire life living in a small Louisiana town. He works hard to care for his wife, Kathy (Vikander), and stepdaughter, Jessie (Kowalske). It's an all-American family by any measure. Still, there are secrets in Antonio's past that threaten to have him deported and separated from his loved ones and the country he's spent his entire life in.

It's the kind of movie everyone should see, and it may even be an awards contender when 2022 comes around. Variety already has the film listed as one of its top contenders for a Best Picture nomination at next year's Academy Awards. Chon quickly became one of the most exciting directors working today, and if "Blue Bayou" manages to be a hit, there should be plenty more we'll see from him in the years to come.