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The Ross Scene In Friends That Went Too Far

A show as popular as "Friends" is bound to draw some criticism. The hit sitcom, which went off the air in 2004, has surpassed most of its genre with its long cultural relevance. With the recent premiere of the new HBO Max special "Friends: The Reunion," audiences are reflecting on the show, and recalling what made it special. However, they're also recalling what wasn't so great in the series.

Ross Gellar, played by David Schwimmer, has certainly had his fair share of critiques since the show has ended. Ross, unlike ladies' man Joey Tribbiani (Matt Leblanc), is portrayed as a nice guy, a bit of a dork, and the one with a heart of gold. However, upon reflection, his character definitely engages in some problematic behavior, largely towards his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Rachel Greene (Jennifer Aniston).

Ross frequently ignores Rachel's boundaries, belittles her career ambitions, and treats her as a prize to be won, not an individual person. However, one moment in particular stands out to us as going way too far.

Ross lied to Rachel about something very important

In the Season 5 finale of "Friends," on a wild trip to Las Vegas, Ross and Rachel get married on a drunken whim. However, like many partiers in the iconic city, the two soon find out that what happens in Vegas doesn't actually stay there, and they are forced to deal with the consequences of their impromptu nuptials.

Ross and Rachel return to New York and decide to get an annulment. However, through her lawyer, Rachel discovers that Ross lied about getting the marriage annulled, instead choosing for the two of them to remain legally wed. Justifiably, she is furious. Ross deceived her, potentially hugely impacting her legal and financial future. The two ultimately get a divorce instead, which legally ends the marriage, rather than invalidating it as an annulment would.

It's frustrating enough that Rachel turns down her dream job in Paris to be with Ross (Couldn't she have taken the job and he could join her overseas later?). However, knowing that she picks a man who would lie to her about something so important, over the opportunity of a lifetime, is incredibly upsetting. 

We still love watching Ross and Rachel's relationship play out during our many "Friends" rewatches, but we definitely cringe when we revisit this particular storyline.