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Why Bryce Loski From Flipped Looks So Familiar

A new addition to Netflix is rocketing up the site's Top 10 list, gaining a bunch of new fans over a decade after it was first released. The film in question is "Flipped," a 1960s-set comedy about two middle schoolers whose relationship goes through the normal ups and downs of childhood. Madeline Carroll plays Juli Baker, a young girl who experiences love at first sight when a boy named Bryce Loski, played by Callan McAuliffe, moves into the neighborhood. Unfortunately, Bryce is a bit more unsure about his feelings, and he starts to do whatever he can to turn Juli away. When he's finally successful and Juli appears to be moving on, Bryce realizes that he might have real feelings for her after all.

"Flipped" originally came out in 2010 and is directed by Rob Reiner, the mind behind "The Princess Bride" and "Stand By Me." At the time of the film's release, McAuliffe, a talented actor from Australia, was only 15 years old and pulling off a perfect American accent. For people who either saw "Flipped" when it first came out or are watching it for the first time now, McAuliffe's face probably seems very familiar to you, as the actor has been in plenty of major movies and television shows since then.

Not sure where you've seen him before? Let us help you out.

Callan McAuliffe played Sam Goode in I Am Number Four

The next year, McAuliffe starred in another book-to-film adaptation, but this time the genre was science fiction. Based on the book of the same name by Pittacus Lore (James Frey and Jobie Hughes), "I Am Number Four" tells the story of a boy named John Smith — not his given name — an alien from the planet Lorien hiding on Earth. When he's very young, John is sent to Earth with eight others, all of whom have unique, super-powered abilities, in order to escape a race of creatures called the Mogadorians who destroyed their planet.

Trying to keep a low profile as the Mogadorians are still hunting him, John makes a couple of friends at his new school, one of these being Sam Goode, played by McAuliffe. Sam is a major conspiracy theorist who is bullied at school, as he strongly believes that his father was abducted by aliens. He is a normal, kind boy, and he quickly starts a friendship with fellow outcast, John. Of course, not long after they first start hanging out together, Sam finds out about John's abilities and stops trusting him. But once John explains who he is and his background, Sam stays by his side as a loyal friend, helping him fight off the killer Mogadorians and escape.

McAuliffe portrayed a Young Gatsby in The Great Gatsby

In 2013, director Baz Luhrmann took on the major task of adapting the beloved 1925 novel "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Luhrmann cast Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role, Jay Gatsby, while Tobey Maguire plays Nick Carraway and Carey Mulligan plays Daisy Buchanan. If you don't know how the classic story goes, a young, easily influenced man named Nick meets an enigmatic, mysterious millionaire named Gatsby in Long Island during the Jazz Age. While Nick is initially fascinated by Gatsby, it all changes once the latter falls into an obsession to get back together with Daisy, the love of his life. As time goes on, Nick realizes that the glittery life of Gatsby isn't as glamorous and exciting as he first thought, and the person he idolizes is really a lonely, unfulfilled man.

In the 2013 film adaptation, McAuliffe plays the role of a young Gatsby. Before becoming the rich, elegant man he is known to be, Gatsby is a young boy raised by a poor rancher family in North Dakota. "The Great Gatsby" shows glimpses of how Gatsby gets to where he is, including a life-changing yacht trip on Lake Superior, during which he finds a mentor in a copper tycoon. Taking example from this man, Gatsby, whose birth name is James Gatz, changes his name, how he talks, and how he acts, in order to emulate the rich men he so desperately wants to be like. McAuliffe does a great job portraying a younger, more naive version of DiCaprio's character, even if the actor only appears for a short section of the film.

McAuliffe plays Alden in The Walking Dead

In his biggest role yet, McAuliffe plays the character Alden in "The Walking Dead." First appearing in Season 8's second episode, "The Damned," McAuliffe's character is introduced as a member of the Saviors, the followers of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). At the beginning of Season 8, a number of the Saviors are captured and taken prisoner by the Militia, the group led by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Maggie (Lauren Cohen), and Ezekiel (Khary Payton). As a part of the captured group of Saviors, Alden displays clear leadership skills and a desire to avoid violence as he convinces his fellow Saviors to surrender instead of creating more bloodshed.

As the Saviors are held captive, Alden acts as their leader, negotiating with Maggie about better treatment. Over time, Alden starts to feel a detachment from the Saviors, especially after Negan and Simon (Steven Ogg) show a lack of care for the lives of the captured group. Slowly, Alden gains Maggie's trust, and he officially joins the Militia after the attack on the Hilltop Colony, staying behind afterwards to help rebuild. In Season 10 of "The Walking Dead," Alden is a key ally in the Whisperer War, helping to rescue Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) in the final battle. McAuliffe is also expected to appear in Season 11, the final season of "The Walking Dead" that is scheduled to premiere on August 22, 2021.