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Madchen Amick Comments On Those Riverdale/Twin Peaks Comparisons

People have been comparing The CW's dark Archie comics adaptation Riverdale to classic cult TV show Twin Peaks since before it even aired, but Madchen Amick, who stars on both series, doesn't see the resemblance.

"It didn't jump right at me," she told IGN of the comparison. "But it's also because yes, murder mystery, yes, perfect town... learning dark secrets. But [Riverdale] has such a completely different rhythm than Twin Peaks. It's fast talking, quick witted, clever lines, and Twin Peaks is slow and reveals things very slowly. The feel is so different but I understand the homage and I appreciate it."

Amick, who played waitress Shelly Johnson on Twin Peaks and is set to reprise her role in the upcoming remake, plays Betty's overbearing mother Alice on Riverdale. Amick said she was drawn to the part after Aguirre-Sacasa said the role was inpsired by Annette Bening's character in American Beauty.

"I was like, 'Oh, I see what you're doing. All in! This is going to be twisted and it's going to really examine that perfect housewife thing,'" she said. "They've promised that the parents would have great stuff and they weren't kidding. It's equal handed, really."

Although Alice has seemed pretty evil in the first few episodes of the show, Amick teases that she has another side to her.

"All she's trying to do it protect her daughter from going through the same pitfalls that she went through and that may come off a little twisted and demented sometimes," she said. "She's got good intentions behind there. I promise."

Amick also gave a little information about the Twin Peaks reboot, which is due out on May 21 on Showtime, saying that "it's right back where it should be."

"People that love Twin Peaks will enjoy it and they'll get to see a lot of stuff obviously that they are familiar with," she said. "But for a new audience that comes to it, they're just going to love it for what it is at this point."

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