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The Best Time Amy Ever Broke Character On The Big Bang Theory

The nerdy ensemble on "The Big Bang Theory" wasn't complete until neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler, played by Mayim Bialik, entered the scene in the Season 3 finale and quickly became a regular on the following seasons. Essentially, Amy was intended to be a female version of Sheldon (Jim Parsons), only with a specialty in neurobiology instead of physics.

She doesn't have the best social skills and had no friends growing up, so she's eager to integrate into the social circle on "The Big Bang Theory" when she meets Sheldon via a dating app connection facilitated by Howard (Simon Helberg) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar). Her arrival opened up the series to more stories centered on the three women; she and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) grew to be best friends, despite some of the terrible things they did to each other.

But the main storyline of her character was her on-and-off relationship with Sheldon that culminated in marriage and a shared Nobel Prize. Recently, Bialik posted an adorable compilation of Sheldon and Amy bloopers on Instagram to honor the couple — despite fans' division over "Shamy." Here's the best Amy blooper.

The lack of laughter at Amy's seriously wrong delivery is what makes it funny

Since the "The Big Bang Theory" actors are working on a comedy, they frequently goof up their scenes by laughing at the scripted jokes or at misspoken lines. Plus, the bloopers also contain some amusingly awkward shots of Amy and Sheldon engaging in more intimate moments, like when Sheldon spanks Amy or takes care of her when she's sick. However, the best time Amy broke character is a comparably understated moment. It's hilarious in its simplicity.

In the Season 5 scene, about 10 seconds into Bialik's Instagram blooper reel, Amy and Sheldon are sitting at a table in the dining hall when Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Howard, and Raj join them and sit down. Leonard asks why Amy's having lunch with them today and Amy begins saying her line, "Your neurology department loaned me a culture of prions," but she only gets so far as "Your neurology department owned me a" before realizing her mistake and repeating the misspoken words in defeat. Immediately, without laughing or vocally acknowledging her mistake, Leonard, Howard, and Raj stand right back up and walk away to restart the scene.

It's a simple moment, but Amy's deadpanned delivery of the incorrect line combined with her immediate and dismayed recognition of it and the guys' quick response makes for a rare laugh-out-loud moment in the blooper reel.