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The Big Bang Theory Couple That Has Fans Divided

The couples in The Big Bang Theory might not be the best examples of healthy relationships at times, but the show does a good job of putting them together in pairs that contrast each other to set up the show's jokes. One of these couples has fans divided and not for reasons that you might find readily apparent. On that note, let's talk about Shamy.

"Shamy" is fan mashup of Sheldon and Amy used to differentiate the couple from, say, "Pennard" or "Bowardette," neither of which are actual names used to describe the other couples on the show, but they probably should be. The relationship between Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) and Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) begins in season 4, after the two unlikely lovers meet in season 3 and begin their storied courtship. The couple progresses through Amy's signature carnal desires and Sheldon's social ineptitude to the point where — SPOILER ALERT — the couple finally ties the knot in the season 11 finale.

So, what is it exactly that has fan's perceptions split? Well, it all comes down to sex.

The kiss that changed it all

Taking to The Big Bang Theory sub-Reddit, it seems like the most pivotal moment of contention between the pro-Shamy and anti-Shamy camps occurs in season 7 episode 15, "The Locomotive Manipulation." It's Valentine's Day in The Big Bang Theory world, and Amy, knowing how much Sheldon loves trains, sets up a special V-Day date on a train. Sheldon ignores her for a bit, it causes a fight, then — BAM! — Sheldon plants a big, honkin' kiss on Amy's lips. It was the first of many (well, a few) kisses to come and signaled a new step into the physical realm of their relationship.

The pro-Shamy camp seems to think that this event symbolized growth in the relationship as well as the characters. "It was the beginning of Sheldon giving in a little to meet his partners needs, and thus opened the door for his character and the relationship to mature," says Reddit user alek_hiddel. "A Sheldon that wasn't willing to sacrifice a little to make his girlfriend happy couldn't have given in and shown the vulnerability of letting her know about the hoarding problem."

For #TeamAntiShamy, the first kiss signaled an unnatural growth for the characters, and some of them in a not-at-all histrionic fashion thought this development ruined the whole show. "I know most people love the Shamy couple...but I just need to get this rant out of my chest lol..." says u/eescorpius. "I stopped watching TBBT midway through Season 7 when Sheldon kissed Amy on the train. It's really sad for me because I love this show and I still love the old episodes but I feel like the Sheldon Cooper that have developed through the seasons isn't the Sheldon Cooper that made me like the show anymore."

More physicality leads to a wider split amongst fans

The split gets wider between fans after Shamy has coitus for the first time on Amy's birthday right near the end of season 10. Many fans thought Sheldon would never engage in sexual intercourse. He shows disinterest in the act throughout the show, though he admits to Amy that he hasn't ruled it out. After they do finally do "it," Sheldon makes it clear that sex is a once-a-year birthday gift. Amy, as we all know, makes her desire for sexual intimacy more public as the show progresses, and some fans find the whole sexual situation to be disagreeable.

"I'd love to time travel back to season 3 and force them to stick with the original Amy, and watch that relationship Blossom," says u/alek_hiddel, who admits throughout the Reddit thread that they're actually a fan of the relationship as a whole. "Maybe she could have a little of the emotional neediness to force her and Sheldon to grow, but definitely not the sex crazed stuff."

Many of the fans in the thread argue that Sheldon doesn't even have sexual urges, while others claim those urges are a part of the character. Like, user MisterFurocity, who says: "Sheldon does have sexual urges though. He never denies that he does either, such as when amy finds herself sexually aroused by zac, amy states that having genitals gives you the ability to become sexually aroused and sheldons response is just that they all must bear it. Also on the prom episode he states he has urges like everybody else."

One thing is clear, whether you like it or hate it, Shamy's growth throughout the show changed the characters in ways that no one saw coming.