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The End - What We Know So Far

Back in September 2020, Deadline reported that cable channel Showtime purchased the dark comedy "The End" for release sometime in 2021. The network then announced on May 21, 2021 that it will air the international series, which was filmed in Queensland, Australia, over the summer. The 10-part series comes from production company See-Saw Films was co-produced by Sky UK and Foxtel Australia, and it focuses on the separate but related obsessions of three generations of one family "trying to figure out how to live with meaning, die with dignity and find the beauty that lies in between," as the official series site says.

"The End" has stayed fairly low-key as of this writing, but that may not remain the case if the writing and acting is as strong as Jana Winograde, president of entertainment at Showtime Networks, told Deadline it is. Here's what we know about the upcoming television event "The End" so far, including its cast, release date, and plot.

What's the release date for The End?

Showtime revealed in a press release that the 10 parts of the first season of "The End" will air starting on Sunday, July 18. The two first episodes will air back-to-back starting at 8 PM ET. Along with the official release date, the channel also released a new trailer that viewers can watch to get a tantalizing look at "The End."

"The End" is one of a handful of productions Showtime has said it's bringing out this summer. It will add "The Kings," a four-part documentary series focusing on Roberto Durán, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns, and Sugar Ray Leonard to screens starting June 6 at 8 PM ET. The documentary "Kevin Garnett: Anything Is Possible," about the basketball star, is set for a July 30 launch at 9 PM ET.

Showtime also recently aired the season premieres of its drama series "The Chi" and "Black Monday" plus comedy newcomer "Flatbush Demeanors" on May 23, which will all run through the summer season. So, if you have access to the channel or its streaming service, you'll have some interesting originals to enjoy as it gets hotter out there.

Who's in the cast of The End?

The cast of "The End" features Frances O'Connor ("Mansfield Park") as Kate Brennan, a palliative care specialist. Harriet Walter ("The Crown") plays her mother, Edie Henley, who lives in England but must be moved to a retirement community on Australia's Gold Coast — and who makes an enormous decision about her life that goes against everything Frances stands.

"The End" also stars Noni Hazlehurst, Roy Billing, Robyn Nevin, Luke Arnold, Ingrid Torelli, Morgan Davies, John Waters, Brendan Cowell, and Alex Dimitriades in a variety of supporting roles. It was created and written by Samantha Strauss ("Dance Academy"), with Jessica M. Thompson ("The Light of the Moon") and Jonathan Brough ("Rosehaven") directing. The cast includes actors of all ages, as befitting a series that spans several generations, and focuses on the varying problems they all deal with in regard to family, ethics, and life. And clearly, Strauss has assembled top-notch talent to tell this gripping story.

What's The End about?

In "The End," Dr. Kate Brennan is passionate in her opposition to euthanasia, which is a big topic in her field of work. Her mother, however, has an opposite opinion. Kate must send Edie to a retirement community because she can't care for her properly, and Edie is definitely not happy about this. Meanwhile, Kate's children — including her teenage transgender son — are having their own problems of identity and ambition.

"'The Endis a funny, messy look at a family across the various stages of life — from teenage to middle age to old age — and the unique challenges each stage brings. At times whimsical, sad and incredibly life-affirming, the series demonstrates people's ability to change – and how even those who never believe they can be happy again can find their way back," Jana Winograde told Deadline

While this is billed as a comedy, it looks like it'll have definite dramatic overtones and some mature scenes — so keep that in mind if you're interested in checking this one out come July. "The End" drops on Showtime on July 18.