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Ominous Dexter Season 9 Teaser Will Give You Goosebumps

Dexter Morgan is dead — long live Jim Lindsay.

After an eight-season-long run that followed its title character as he sliced and diced his way through Miami's worst criminals, Showtime's "Dexter" came to an end with a finale that was more than a little controversial among fans of the series. But that was then and this is now.

A new season of the show, which is billed as a limited series revival, is on the way from Showtime. While this upcoming installment looks to be changing up the scenery and supporting characters, it will still be giving fans the Dexter Morgan they know and love. Sorry, we mean Jim Lindsay.

Back in April, Showtime released a 30-second teaser on Twitter that gave fans a glimpse of the revival's snowy setting and a hint that, despite beginning life anew in Iron Lake, New York, our protagonist is still traveling with his Dark Passenger. Now, a new teaser has dropped that provides even more context for the upcoming installment. It shows Dexter in his new home, with his new friends, and with a brand new identity.

Dexter may have a new identity but some things never change

In the new teaser, we see the snowy and bucolic main street of what we can assume is the fictional town of Iron Lake. Some festive bunting in a shop window indicates that it's around the winter holiday season and everyone we see is appropriately chipper.

As the camera ambles down the street, we briefly meet characters named Zach, Becca, and Scott. They are all greeting the person we're following: Mr. Lindsay aka Jim aka Jimmy aka Jimbo depending on who is addressing him. While Jim Lindsay is all smiles as he greets his pals around town, we the viewer know that he is actually the serial killer Dexter Morgan living under an assumed identity.

Similar to the previous teaser, which began with some peaceful nature scenery and ended with a body wrapped in plastic writhing on the floor, this short clip also concludes on an ominous note. As he walks past a shop with a handsome utility knife on display in the window, the Bay Harbor Butcher can't help but stop to look. While he gazes at the knife, the cheery music pauses for a moment and Dexter stares at it longingly. The scene then fades to black and we hear him let out a deep, satisfied sigh. If it wasn't clear enough from the first teaser, this one further hammers home that despite his new town and new identity, Dexter is the same person we met in Miami all those years ago.

The "Dexter" revival is slated to premiere in fall 2021 on Showtime.