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Logan Found Footage Reveals X-23's Origins

As usual, Professor X is right: X-23 really is "very much" like Wolverine.

There's a new promo clip for Logan, and the found footage-style video offers up a look at how young mutant Laura (newcomer Dafne Keen) is turned into a killing machine, complete with Adamantium claws and the ability to heal herself.

As with the case with Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), she was the subject of an experimental project at the hands of some diabolical scientists. Although comic book fans already knew that, the viral video provides a disturbing glimpse at the process. It's not clear if the footage will be in the movie, or if it's just a teaser for the flick.

Either way, Laura's attempts to elude the secret organization that altered her are at the center of Logan, which will supposedly be Jackman's final turn as Wolverine. Patrick Stewart is also back as an aging Professor X, and the cast also includes Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce, Richard E. Grant as Dr. Xander Rice, andĀ Stephen MerchantĀ as Caliban.

The movie lands in theaters March 3, and it's one of the films we think will blow everyone away this year. Meanwhile, check out the untold truth of X-23.