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Here's Where You Can Watch The Karate Kid 2

With "Cobra Kai" having ascended to streaming gold status, interest in "The Karate Kid" franchise may be at an all-time high. And with no release date confirmed as of this writing for Season 4 of Netflix's martial arts comedy-drama — although the man behind resident baddie John Kreese (Martin Kove) revealed via Twitter that the cast and crew have completed their work on it — there's no time like the present to check out the back catalog.

Hardcore fans of "Cobra Kai" may feel inclined to watch the original movie. After all, that is where the iconic beefs between Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), and Kreese began. However, you may want to check out its sequel, "The Karate Kid Part II," as well. Although the sequel — once again directed by John G. Avildsen and written by Robert Mark Kamen — is notably lacking Johnny's presence, it nonetheless does some of the franchise's best storytelling as it chronicles Daniel's trip to Okinawa with Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita).

While there, Daniel finds a new love interest in Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita), aids Mr. Miyagi as he grapples with a decades-long grudge held by his former best friend, Sato (Danny Kamekona), and eventually finds himself in his own epic battle with Sato's nephew, Chozen (Yuji Okumoto), for Kumiko's honor. "The Karate Kid Part II" isn't currently streaming on Netflix, but fans looking to check it out do have some other options.

The Karate Kid II is currently streaming on fuboTV

"The Karate Kid Part II" is currently streaming on a handful of services, most notably fuboTV. Although fuboTV primarily focuses on sports programming, i.e. NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, and international soccer, it also offers movies, TV series, and news. For the starting monthly price of $64.99, subscribers get access to 100-plus live TV channels, including more than 130 events in 4K. Cloud DVR with 30 hours of space and the ability to simultaneously stream to two screens are also among the perks of subscribing to fuboTV, which is currently offering a seven-day free trial.

In addition to fuboTV, fans can watch Daniel and Chozen duke it out via AMC+, which can be accessed through Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Roku, and several cable/satellite providers for an additional $8.99 per month after a free trial. The film is also available on-demand to DirecTV subscribers.

"The Karate Kid Part II" is available to rent in all the usual places for $3.99. However, viewers can save a dollar on Amazon and Vudu if they're willing to rough it with a standard-def viewing experience. The cost to purchase the film in HD on Amazon, YouTube, Apple TV, Google Play, and the like is $12.99.