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Tamayo's Powers From Demon Slayer Explained

"Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" is chock full of amazing fighters and powerful beings. Tanjiro Kamado (voiced by Natsuki Hanae and Zach Aguilar) uses his amazing sense of smell to detect danger, Inosuke Hashibira (Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Bryce Papenbrook) is a master swordsman, and the sinister Muzan Kibutsuji (Toshihiko Seki and Greg Chun) possesses immeasurable strength. The different abilities of the characters in "Demon Slayer" add plenty of excitement to the show, as we're never quite sure who's going to come out of each battle alive.

Another impressively powerful being in "Demon Slayer" is Tamayo (Maaya Sakamoto and Laura Post), a kind doctor who also happens to be a demon. She's one of the few demons who are able to control themselves so as to not hurt humans, and eventually teams up with Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko (Akari Kitō and Abby Trott) in an attempt to defeat Kibutsuji. While Tanjiro and Nezuko have their own sets of skills, Tamayo has unique abilities that are amazing in their own right.

Tamayo can alter her body

In Episode 6, "The Smell of Enchanting Blood," we learn a lot about the changes Tamayo has gone through as a demon. Though we later discover she started out violent and even ate her own family, Tamayo has managed to alter her physiology so she doesn't have to eat people to survive. She tells Tanjiro that she instead buys and drinks blood from people in poverty — though never enough to impair anyone — telling them she'll use it in her medical practice. Tamayo's dedication to becoming a "better" demon shows just how much she cares about humans and wants to defeat Kibutsuji.

Not only did she change her physical needs, but she also managed to remove Kibutsuji's curse. Since Kibutsuji is the Demon King, he has extreme power over most of the demon population — except for Tamayo. This gives her the freedom to rise against him, and also shows how powerful she truly is, since she was able to break free of Kibutsuji's grasp.

She can create demons

Not only did Tamayo manage to break free of Kibutsuji's curse, but she also has a power that was originally only designated to him. As the Demon King, Kibutsuji is the progenitor of all other demons, and is the only being able to create new demons. That is, except for Tamayo.

When we first meet Tamayo and her assistant Yushiro (Daiki Yamashita and Kyle McCarley), she explains that she cared for Yushiro when he was a human patient at her hospital. Yushiro was essentially on his deathbed, and Tamayo asked him if he'd prefer to die or live as a demon. With his consent, Tamayo transformed Yushiro, and he has remained loyal to her ever since. The fact that Tamayo can also turn people into demons is yet another example of her amazing abilities. While it's not clear how she got the power to create demons, it may have something to do with her once being Kibutsuji's assistant. Nevertheless, her mysterious strength makes her stand apart from other demons, including Kibutsuji.

She has advanced medical expertise

Since she was a doctor in her past life as a human and has admittedly been alive for a really long time, Tamayo has amassed tons of medical knowledge. Aside from healing humans and turning people into demons when necessary, Tamayo uses her pharmaceutical knowledge to create powerful medicines. One of the main missions of "Demon Slayer" centers around her goal of creating a medicine that can turn demons back into humans, and she asks Tanjiro to give her a sample of Nezuko's blood as well as the blood of the Twelve Kizuki — some of the most powerful demons closest to Kibutsuji.

In the "Demon Slayer" manga, we learn of two other medicines that Tamayo is working on. The first is an Anti-Blood Demon Coagulant that aims to prevent a demon from growing their Blood Demon Art, and the second is a powerful drug that would severely weaken Kibutsuji. Though we haven't yet heard of these advanced medications in the anime, we'll likely learn more about them in future seasons of "Demon Slayer."

Tamayo has an impressive Blood Demon Art

Most high-level demons have at least one Blood Demon Art, which is a special technique they can use to different extents. The supernatural powers often have something to do with the demon's past life or interest. For example, the Tsuzumi Mansion demon named Kyogai had a drumming Blood Demon Art, because he was passionate about playing drums when he was a human.

Tamayo's Blood Demon Art comes from her supernatural blood — she's able to draw her blood and use it to perform spells with amazing effects. The first spell we see is Scent of Illusory Blood Visual Dream, which she uses to create visual hallucinations that look like flowers. Her other ability is known as Magical Aroma of Daylight, which causes her opponents to speak the truth. It's effectively used when she gets the demon Susamaru (Mikako Komatsu and Sarah Anne Williams) to lower her guard and say Kibutsuji's name, thus enacting his curse and killing her instantly.