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The Real Reason Satoru Gojo Wears A Blindfold In Jujutsu Kaisen

"Jujutsu Kaisen" immediately became an anime hit when it premiered in October 2020, and fans are still clamoring for a second season of the series. Besides its astonishing visual battles and interesting mix of dark fantasy and shonen tropes, the series has skyrocketed in large part thanks to its cast of intriguing characters. However, no one in the series may be more popular than Satoru Gojo. In fact, fans officially voted him as their favorite in a recent popularity poll from Viz.

With Gojo's design, it's easy to see why the character takes the top spot. His white hair, coupled with his covered eyes, brings to mind Kakashi, who was also quite the fan-favorite character from "Naruto." And just like the shinobi, Gojo's immense power is related to his vision. He has the Six Eyes, a family jujutsu ability that allows him to use his Limitless Cursed Technique to its absolute zenith. With this, Gojo has such an understanding of the Limitless to an atomic level and, as revealed in chapter 140 of the manga, he pretty much never runs out of Cursed Energy.

So with such gifted eyes, why would this powerful sorcerer choose to often keep them covered?

Satoru Gojo's Six Eyes can actually tire him out

For a while, we often wondered why Satoru Gojo keeps his eyes blindfolded. As seen in Episode 7 (via VRV) when he first uncovers them, it does instantly signify just how much of a big deal the Six Eyes are in terms of power. But Gojo doesn't wear a blindfold just to have a few cool moments to flex. As series creator Gege Akutami explained in the "Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook," Gojo really wears the blindfold out of necessity even though he can still see with it.

Via a translation of the Fanbook on Twitter, Akutami explained that while Gojo wears a blindfold, he can still see as a result of Cursed Energy. The Six Eyes is still able to see this energy in such detail that a blindfold doesn't matter. And as for objects that don't have Cursed Energy, he's still able to make them out through the flow and residue of Cursed Energy surrounding them. It's almost similar to how Marvel's Daredevil uses his senses to be a crimefighter. The flip side to this is that without the blindfold, Gojo will tire out easily.

Fans had long speculated that this was the reason Gojo covered his eyes although it hasn't been explicitly shown yet in the series. After all, having that much of a powerful ability has to have some type of drain on the user.