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Exclusive Clip: Darrell Sheets Scores Big With An Incredible Locker In New Storage Wars Episode

Out of all the cast members of A&E's hit reality television series "Storage Wars," Darrell Sheets is arguably the least afraid of taking risks. After all, there's a reason why he's earned the nickname "the Gambler": Darrell swings for the fences whenever he's given the chance, knowing that even if he falls short (by a little or by a lot), it's a lesson learned and motivation to do better in his next bid on an abandoned storage locker. Over the years, the "Storage Wars" favorite has both earned some of the biggest payouts in the series' history and suffered his fair share of loses after buying lockers that turned out to be full of junk.

Fortunately for Darrell, the bet he makes on the newest episode of "Storage Wars" is a "sure" one: He shells out $2,350 for a storage locker, and ends up on track to turn a major profit. 

In advance of the episode's debut on A&E tonight, May 25, Looper can share with "Storage Wars" fans an exclusive clip featuring Darrell Sheets and his buddy Scott.

Darrell's latest locker is 'the gift that keeps on giving'

Knowing that sports memorabilia and pop culture paraphernalia is his pal's exact "cup of tea," Darrell Sheets asks Scott to join him in sorting through his newly purchased locker, which is stuffed with all sorts of amazing things. 

They find a pair of samurai swords (worth $40 combined), a bucket of football figurines (worth around $200), a signed photo of a San Francisco 49ers player ($200), a San Francisco 49ers helmet that quarterback Joe Montana and wide receiver Jerry Rice signed ($1,000), a football that Rice and quarterback Steve Young signed ($200 or $250), an entire cooler filled with additional signed photos ($175), race car toys ($15 each), a bunch of "Simpsons" merchandise ($150 total), even more signed 49ers items ($300 combined), old football cards (a few hundred dollars all in), and so much more. Boxes filled with items from the "Star Wars" and "Transformers" franchises add several hundred more dollars to the tally, and binders of football cards come in at $300, according to Scott's calculations.

With everything accounted for, Scott estimates that Darrell can make $4,660 for the items they looked over in the locker. "With a buddy like Scott, who needs an appraiser?" Darrell says in the clip. When Darrell asks Scott if he really thinks he'll get that much money for the items, he confirms it — then Darrell jokingly offers to give Scott everything, only to tell him "no." Hopefully as a thank you for helping price the items in the first place, Darrell will give Scott a nice wad of cash once he resells everything. 

Tune into the newest episode of "Storage Wars" tonight — Tuesday, May 25 — at 9 PM ET on A&E.