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Thor Is Still A Bad Roommate In Team Thor: Part 2 Clip

Thor may have saved the world once or twice, but that doesn't exactly mean he's easy to live with, something proved in a new clip from Marvel's Team Thor: Part 2 mockumentary.

Marvel first introduced the world to the chill version of Thor and his uptight roommate Darryl in a video released at San Diego Comic-Con last year, showing what Thor was up to while everyone else was feuding during Captain America: Civil War. The studio released a clip of the long-awaited sequel Tuesday.

In the clip, Darryl pesters Thor, who is wearing a cloak and board shorts and riding a bike indoors, about his inability to pay rent in anything other than Asgardian currency, suggesting that the hero get a job.

"Get a job?" he replies. "You serious? I have a job. Do you know what my job is? I save the planet. Maybe you should get a job."

When Darryl replies that he does, indeed, have a job, Thor begins to demean him for sitting at a desk and plugging away all day.

"Hitting the machine with the words that come out of it?" he says, fake typing. "'Oh, this is knowledge, knowledge is power.' No it's not, knowledge is not power, that's power."

"The brain is a muscle, and that's a muscle, and that's a muscle, they are all muscles, this is all muscle," he adds, pointing at his out of this world physique. "So I am covered in brains and I have more brains than you."

Darryl doesn't seem to quite follow this logic, but he's unable to get a word in edgewise and the conversation ends with Thor declaring that the two should get a servant, something which Darryl does not quite agree with.

You can watch the full mockumentary on the Doctor Strange DVD. Thor (but probably not Darryl) will next appear on the big screen in Thor: Ragnarok, set to be released on Nov. 3. In the meantime, see why we think that Thor might be a goner in Marvel's Phase 3.