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The Central Perk Theory That Changes Everything On Friends

Have you ever noticed that in pretty much all 235 episodes of "Friends," the group almost always gets their favorite seats at their local coffee shop, Central Perk? One time, in Season 3, "The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy," the titular group of friends walked into their go-to cafe to find other people who had taken the couch, but that was one of the very few exceptions to the rule.

There's no denying that Central Perk is a popular coffee spot, not just for the show's main characters but also for New York residents. The cafe is always full, but somehow, the group always manages to score their favorite couch. It's not like one of the friends goes down before the rest of them to secure their spot. It's one of the many mysteries fans want an answer to, especially with the upcoming reunion just around the corner. However, there is one other Central Perk theory that may change everything on "Friends."

The one where Gunther reserves the table

While this plot hole has caused some confusion at first, the answer is not a complete secret. Some fans may notice that there was a "reserved" sign on the table on occasion. Reservations at local coffee shops are usually not accepted, but there's always room for an exception, especially if a crush is involved. Although it's never been confirmed, the idea is that Gunther (James Michael Tyler) goes out of his way to reserve the table for the group of friends. This is for one reason only: to see Rachel Greene (Jennifer Aniston) as much as possible. Gunther has always had a crush on Rachel and even admitted it to her in the series finale. 

Perhaps Gunther saw his opportunity to see Rachel more and started reserving the table for them after Season 3. It's very believable, considering Gunther would do almost anything for Rachel. Saving a seat is probably the least creepy way he's shown his affection toward her. Unfortunately, this kind gesture is too little, too late for Gunther, as he has to watch the love of his life get back with Ross (David Schwimmer) after witnessing the two break up and get back together again after all those years.