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The Guitar That Gave The Seller Second Thoughts On Pawn Stars

Not every transaction on "Pawn Stars" goes as smoothly as expected. Sometimes the offer is too low for the owner, while other times, the owner asks way too much for what they have. In very rare cases, however, the owner will have second thoughts due to sentimental value. It's always difficult to part ways with something you love, especially if you understand the item's rarity. But when you bring an object into a pawn shop, regardless of if it is being aired on national television, you should be ready to sell the item, or else it's a waste of time for everyone.

This doesn't happen often, but when it does, it can make the employees at "Pawn Stars" and viewers of the show cringe from secondhand embarrassment. It's one thing to not agree on a price while negotiating, but it's a different story when the owner shakes on a price and gets rung up. 

When a man brings in a rare guitar in the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, Corey does everything he can to get his hands on it. Despite getting an expert's approval and his initial asking price, the man still has his doubts about whether or not it's time to sell "his baby." Check out the guitar that gave the seller second thoughts on "Pawn Stars."

Don't bring it in if you're not ready to sell

In the episode, the man brings in a Gibson Custom Shop SJ-200 Master Museum Series built by Ren Ferguson. If that didn't excite the guitar lovers enough, it is the first one ever made, with a serial number one. This guitar is famous for its elegant design and incredible sound quality, as displayed by the owner. Corey notes how rare it is for something like this to come into the shop and stops Chumlee from immediately grabbing for it. The owner asks for $50,000, and from that point on, he gets nervous. Corey calls in expert Jesse Amoroso, owner of the now-closed Cowtown Guitars in Las Vegas, to get an idea of how much to offer the owner. This guitar enthralls Jesse, and he even gets the opportunity to strum it a couple of times. There's no question about it: The guitar is authentic and highly desirable, so Jesse easily places this around the $50,000-$60,000 range. This validates the owner's original asking price, but he still appears nervous.

Corey and the owner start to negotiate, and the latter doesn't want to deter from his original asking price. Eventually, Corey offers $48,000, and the owner reluctantly agrees with a handshake. While Chumlee is ringing the man up, he starts to have cold feet. After thinking about it for a second, the owner changes his mind and says he can't sell it. Corey even goes as far as offering the man $50,000, the original asking price, but the man still can't bring himself to sell his precious item. In the end, Corey misses out on a rare guitar, Chumlee doesn't understand the item's significance, and the owner leaves with his guitar and his tail between his legs.