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Here's How Much Rick Spent For Two Talladega Nights Props On Pawn Stars

The phrase "like a kid in a candy shop" can apply to just about anyone, especially pawn store owners. Instead of candy shops, they can get lost in a treasure trove of memorabilia. Whenever this happens to "Pawn Stars" owner Rick Harrison, fans know he's about to spend an arm and a leg. So, when he goes on a hunt to find some onscreen Hollywood memorabilia, he ends up biting off a little more than he can chew. That's because his Hollywood expert sends him to a house in California with over three million pieces of movie memorabilia.

Rick and Chumlee don't know where to start but ultimately find a handful of exceptional items they'd like to buy. Unfortunately for them, the owner places some high price tags on everything, which is reasonable considering that they are all signed. On the bright side, Rick can negotiate a deal with the man for two "Talladega Nights" props that any movie fan will recognize. But if Rick had a bigger wallet, he might have bought just about everything in that house.

Check out how much Rick spent for two "Talladega Nights" props on "Pawn Stars."

Rick shakes and bakes for a pair of tracksuits

In Season 18 (via YouTube), Rick and Chumlee head to California to find a house that has become somewhat of an urban legend in the Hollywood industry. That's because the owner of this house has been collecting Hollywood memorabilia since he was five years old. Once he started working, he became a bodyguard for Hollywood sets and took memorabilia instead of paychecks. This has resulted in a massive collection of Hollywood treasures that will make anyone's jaw hit the floor.

When Rick and Chumlee first walk in, they are in disbelief. The two split up and eventually find three things they'd like to buy: a pair of signed "Baywatch" swimsuits, a signed Lois Lane dress, and a pair of signed tracksuits from "Talladega Nights." The first two items fall through due to disagreements on price, but Rick can make a deal on the last item. "Talladega Nights," featuring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, was the first time fans got to see these two actors perform together so directly, and it turned out to be an instant Hollywood classic that led to many more films with the duo, such as 2008's "Step Brothers" and 2018's "Holmes and Watson."

Like with the first two items, the owner drives a hard bargain, but Rick thinks he can pull this one off. The original asking price was $10,500 for the pair, so Rick tried to lower it to $6,000, which was immediately denied. Ultimately the two agree on $8,000 plus a scary clown mask Chumlee found. Although the "Pawn Stars" owner could have walked away with a lot more stuff than he did, he would have probably ended up broke on the streets of Las Vegas.