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This Is The Fan Favorite Camp Redwood Counselor From AHS: 1984

"American Horror Story" has made a legacy of taking horror tropes and ideas from the past and giving them a new context for the modern-day. From witches to haunted houses, the show finds new horrors to explore with every season. For the ninth season, the show offered its take on the classic '80s slasher flick with "American Horror Story: 1984," which took inspiration from the likes of "Friday the 13th" and "Halloween."

The "Friday the 13th" influences, in particular, are on full display as the season takes place at a camp and follows a group of counselors trying to avoid meeting a gruesome fate at the hands of the Night Stalker. When they're not running for their lives, they all get chances to hang out, hook up, and explore one another's trauma. All of the standard slasher-movie victim archetypes are on display. You have the jock, Chet (Gus Kenworthy), and the innocent lead, Brooke (Emma Roberts), to name a few. 

The actors form a fantastic ensemble with varying personalities on display that gets you invested in everyone's stories, but they can't all be equal. Based on one recent poll recently completed on Reddit, it's clear there was a fan favorite throughout the season. 

American Horror Story fans adored Montana's spunkiness

Redditor u/Distinct-Art1207 started a poll wondering which Redwood camp counselor from "AHS: 1984" was people's favorite. Over 300 people voted, and by a substantial margin, Montana Duke, played by Billie Lourd, was the most popular. She received 119 votes, over a third of the total cast, and when looking back on Season 9, it's easy to see why. She's spunky and fun for the most part, but she has a clear dark side, blaming her brother's death on Brooke and seeking vengeance.

User jhunter131201 put it best writing underneath the poll, "Montana was a complete vibe." Not every counselor got as much love, with Ray (DeRon Horton) receiving the fewest votes, only getting 10 out of the bunch. It's understandable when you remember he abandoned his friends on a motorcycle, quickly getting decapitated in the process. His cowardly ways may have made sense with context, but it didn't earn him any fans as he left his fellow counselors behind.

Billie Lourd has a knack for playing memorable characters on "AHS." She played a liberal college student who attempted to get Hillary Clinton elected president in "Cult" as well as a powerful witch in "Apocalypse." The show's creator Ryan Murphy has also confirmed the actress will return for an as-of-yet unknown role for the upcoming "American Horror Story: Double Feature" (via E! Online). Tune in to when the new season airs to see if she's the fan-favorite of that season, too.