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What You Never Noticed About Pam's Desk On The Office

For nine seasons, the writers of "The Office" had us in stitches. Week after week, for over 200 episodes, the series' creative team crafted hilarious jokes and outrageous storylines. Perhaps the writers' true genius, however, lies in the subtle Easter eggs and callbacks to earlier episodes that only the most eagle-eyed fans of "The Office" notice. Recall the St. Pauli Girl beer sign that becomes a major source of contention during Season 4's "Dinner Party" episode. That sign later makes a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo in Season 7's "Garage Sale," as does the supposedly un-removable clown art from Jim and Pam's house seen in Season 5's "Frame Toby."

Other Easter eggs that went initially unnoticed by viewers include the "World's Best Boss" mug on David Wallace's desk, Jim signing Meredith's pelvic cast as John Krasinski, and Michael Scott's George Foreman grill popping up again two seasons after it cooks Michael's foot. Recently, another Easter egg came to fans' attention, this time in the form of a throwaway line most have failed to catch.

Pam's computer helped her flirt with Jim

In Season 2's, "Sexual Harassment," Pam Beesly is anxiously awaiting a visit from her mother. Unfortunately, Michael has forced his human resources nemesis Toby to remind the office of Dunder Mifflin's sexual harassment policies. As Pam notes, any day the office reviews the policy — which likely happens a lot, given Michael's insensitive humor — is also a day her colleagues jokingly harass her more. When Pam's mother does arrive, her daughter gives her a tour of the reception area. Pam points out that her computer used to be behind her, but that she changed it around because she needed more room for organization.

Now, we're not saying Pam lied to her mother, but the reason she offers for changing the location of the computer is suspect. As fans pointed out in a Reddit thread, by moving the computer around, Pam now has a direct view of Jim Halpert, allowing the duo to share air high-fives, eye rolls, and otherwise flirt. Given the pair's mutual, albeit unacknowledged, attraction at this point in the series, it's pretty likely that Pam rearranged her workspace specifically to foster communication with Jim. It's a small, cute detail that foreshadows the Jim and Pam relationship of later seasons.