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Things You Forgot Happened During Jim And Pam's Office Wedding

Everyone loves The Office, and what's not to love? Every minute of the nine-season series is packed with entertainment as Michael Scott and company bumble their way through the ups and downs of working at the Dunder Mifflin paper company. With over 100 hours of content on tap, the show manages to deliver an endless stream of memorable moments. The stapler in jello, Jim's teapot gift to Pam, Dwight's unexpected fire drill, Michael and Jan's dinner party ... there are so many iconic scenes that after a while, they start to pile up in a feel-good jumble of TV fun. 

But while it's great to get swept away by the best memories, the sheer quantity of content does make it hard to remember some of the smaller — though still hilarious — details tucked into the nooks and crannies. That's precisely why we decided to sit down and comb, scene by scene, through a specific episode that's near and dear to everyone's heart. We're talking about the season 6 doubleheader "Niagara." The installment focuses on Jim and Pam's highly anticipated wedding, which understandably take up the bulk of the focus. However, upon review, it turns out that there are a ton of uproarious details that are easy to miss as all eyes watch the pair of lovebirds head up to Niagara Falls to tie the knot. Here are some of the best of those details, recalled for your humorous pleasure.

The Office gets really gross

While the entire "Niagara" episode is focused on marriage, it also has a hefty dose of parental overtones. This is largely thanks to Pam's pregnancy — a fact that the couple actively tries to hide from their relatives throughout the episode. Nevertheless, at this point, the Dunder Mifflin office is well aware that Pam is with child, as can be seen in the episode's opening sequence.

The scene kicks off with Pam making an admittedly demanding request for her coworkers to please cut down on perfumes, switch their soaps, stop smoking, and eat their lunches in the break room in a collective effort to avoid kicking off her morning sickness. Dwight is amazed that a three-ounce fetus is able to call the shots, but it doesn't stop him from loudly retaining his right to eat his hard-boiled eggs at his desk. Seconds later, he's shown doing so in an unapologetic manner, which naturally leads to Pam predictably throwing up. 

What's less predictable, though, is that the sight of Pam heaving sets off a chain reaction throughout the office as nearly everyone is caught up in an unstoppable upchucking tidal wave — except for Creed, who can be seen gobbling up noodles in the background. Victorious in defeat, Pam dabs her mouth and gives Dwight a look that screams "I told you so" as the camera cuts to the opening theme.

Jim and Pam's wedding is firecracker-free

It turns out that the future Mr. and Mrs. Halpert aren't just about to become parents of their own offspring. They also tend to step into the role of "parents of the office" on a regular basis, too. For example, take the scene in the conference room before everyone leaves the office to head up to Niagara Falls. As the team prepares to depart, Jim and Pam make sure that everyone is aware of the ground rules for the upcoming weekend.

This makes sense on the surface ... until you catch a glimpse of how insultingly simplistic those rules are. The list of "do's" and "don'ts" are written out in two columns on a whiteboard. In the "do's" column we see a very reasonable trio of items, namely, "have a good time," "dance when it's appropriate," and "eat dinner." Okay. Pretty basic, but so far, so good. Opposite this tame list, though, stands a quartet of warnings that warn not to "make a big scene," "cry," "talk to our family — very busy," and "firecrackers." 

While the list is belittling, to say the least, the need for such a disparaging set of warnings is made abundantly clear by the fact that "firecrackers" was just added in that scene when Kevin asked if he should bring the explosives along with him. The entire group moans when Jim informs the accountant that the event is, indeed, a "firecracker-free wedding," ultimately justifying Pam and Jim's caution.

The single best hookup spot ever

Early in the episode, Michael tells the documentary crew, "Pam and Jim's wedding will be the single best pickup destination in the history of the universe," a sentiment that he and Dwight proceed to steer into with full force as they make various attempts to hook up with women throughout the episode. While both of the misguided lonely hearts do eventually find some success, it follows a parade of ridiculous failed attempts.

For instance, before they leave Scranton, Dwight holes up with Michael in his office to quietly inform him that he has researched every female on both sides of the family — admittedly in sub-par fashion — to help lay the groundwork for their upcoming escapades. As the pair travel to "Viagra Falls" together, Dwight also surprises his boss with a CD mix he made specifically for Michael to play when he brings someone back to his hotel room. When he plays a sample of it in the car, though, it turns out to be the beet farmer himself narrating, "Hello. My name is Dwight Schrute. If you're listening to this, you're a lucky woman Michael has seduced. Ah, to be in your shoes. 'What's next?' you're probably wondering. Don't be scared of your night in heaven." Which, yeah.

Somewhat shockingly and against all odds, the pair of idiots actually do manage to find companionship by the end of the episode — Dwight with Pam's friend, Isabel, and Michael with none other than Pam's mom, Helene.

Kevin Malone's wardrobe adventures

While everyone is ready for a weekend of socialization and fun at a wedding, there's one coworker, in particular, who's absolutely itching to make a positive public impression. We're talking, of course, about everyone's favorite culinary artist and chili expert, Kevin Malone. Clearly under no illusion about his appearance, Kevin explains that he's well aware that people don't think of him as "one of the sharper dressers in the office." However, throughout the trip, Mr. Malone does everything in his power to change that well-established perception.

He starts with a dramatic toupee, which simultaneously covers up his bald spot and shocks his fellow employees. In the meantime, though, Kevin suffers a severe wardrobe malfunction when he gets to the hotel and puts his shoes out to be cleaned overnight. Rather than being polished, he wakes the next morning to find that they've been incinerated due to their overpowering aroma. Not one to let a setback hold him up, Kevin is later seen wearing empty tissue boxes to the wedding. As the episode ends, we see the accountant cooling his barking his feet in the hotel icebox. As he does so, he casually reports that his Kleenex shoes were a huge conversation piece, landing him six numbers — one digit shy of a complete phone number. Har, har.

It's a destination wedding

Two episodes earlier, in the installment "The Meeting," Pam explains that the entire reason that they've planned their wedding in Niagara Falls is to deter their workmates from wanting to take the personal time off required to attend. It's a foolproof plan ... until Michael gives the entire office Friday and Monday off on the condition that they come to the wedding. Backfired scheming aside, the destination wedding element means several minutes of "Niagara" are taken up tracking the caravan of various vehicles as they slowly make their way into the Empire State. The travel time is necessary for the story, but it also gives us a few interesting morsels of information as we see the Dunder Mifflinites out of the office on a road trip.

For instance, this is one of the first times that we see Andy genuinely crushing on Erin as she sits in the back seat of his car with Kelly. He even goes so far as to tell the camera that she smells like his mom, which is cute and creepy all at the same time. At another point, we see Jim and Pam on the road, discussing Pam's aunt's advice to take "mental pictures of the high points." And then there's the sequence in Michael's car, where Dwight and the boss are shown quietly riding together. Michael is operating the vehicle, wearing sunglasses, and appears to be focused on the road, only to suddenly shout out in alarm. He pulls off his shades and announces that he'd just fallen asleep at the wheel. Fun times.

A bizarre goof in The Office

"Niagara" has a ton of neat little factoids and quips that are worth rehashing, with most of them simply boiling down to short asides or laying foundations for later jokes. There's one detail, though, that appears to be a straight-up honest behind-the-scenes mistake that only eagle-eyed Office fans will notice. It takes place the evening after the gang arrives at the hotel. As night falls, everyone heads to the rehearsal dinner.

As the scene begins, the camera quickly shows the sign provided by the hotel to label the room reserved for the party. It has both of the couple's last names, the time of the dinner, and the name of the room in the hotel. It's all predictable information, and the scene flashes by in an instant, but if you can manage to pause the shot in time, a blatant spelling error is revealed. The pair of family names at the top of the car read "Beesly-Halpret." This faux pas either indicates an oversight from the production team or the extremely unlikely possibility that the camera crew was snooping around another couple's rehearsal dinner in the same hotel. Either way, something's not right.

Jim and Pam's wedding is a den of lies

Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions, filled with promises and troth-plighting, pledging, and devoting. One item that really shouldn't be involved is rampant lying. And yet, the "Niagara" episode is chock-full of misdirection, deception, and even straight-up lies. First off, there's the fact that Jim and Pam literally ask everyone to avoid talking about the pregnancy, specifically in order to keep Pam's grandmother, Meemaw, in the dark. Sure, the goal is to have Meemaw attend the wedding rather than avoid it due to her old-school morals, but it doesn't change the fact that wide-scale censorship is taking place.

Then there's the scene where Meemaw finds out about the baby, and Michael tries to convince her not to bail on the wedding. In his desperation to change her mind, Michael blurts out that they're going to name the baby after her, obtusely adding that they're going to name it "Meemaw." And then there's Andy's scrotum. Torn in a night of wild dancing, Andy manages to pull through the ordeal and still show up to the wedding on time, only to discover that Jim has been actively going around telling people that his balls were torn clean off. Can we get a shred of honesty here, folks?

Dwight's quirky behavior

Everyone knows that Dwight Schrute can be weird at times. Heck, he's an oddball most of the time. Nevertheless, his quirky behavior reaches all-new levels when he takes part in the Beesly-Halpert wedding festivities. Take, for instance, his morbidly fascinating invention "Burger on the Go." The device is designed to obtain enough meat for six hamburgers (or 12 sliders) from a horse without killing the animal. The fella's even submitted it to a slew of companies that — with the exception of Sears — appear to be considering manufacturing the torturous device. How does he know that the machine works? Because he tells Isabel that he has precisely "nine and three-quarters" horses.

Along with his macabre inventions, we also discover that Dwight is obsessed with twins — any kind, any gender. His infatuation is deep enough that he's even willing to ditch romantic pursuits (and drag Michael along with him) in the name of observing a magnificent set of look-alike brothers in the hotel restaurant. To top the bizarre behavior off, the salesman also shows the depths to which he's willing to dive in order to besmirch his office rival and pranking antagonist, Jim. During the rehearsal dinner for Jim's own wedding, Dwight is shown as the only adult at the kids' table. Sitting like a king, he's drinking beer and busily indoctrinating Jim's younger relatives by explaining how Jim — er, the "bad man" — was busy sucking up to Michael while he slaved away, improving the company.

Andy wants to break in the bed

When the crew arrives in Niagara Falls, they all begin settling into the hotel. This leads to multiple humorous situations, primarily focused on Michael as he desperately tries to find someone who will share their room with him. However, just before the manager arrives, Jim and Pam check in, as well. The two are all smiles as they inform the receptionist that they're in two rooms that night, but they've got the honeymoon suite the next day.

Hoping to get a sneak peek, Pam asks if they can see the suite right then. The receptionist turns down the request, informing them that someone just checked into the room. Confused, Pam asks if there's another wedding in the hotel that day, but it turns out that the mysterious guest is none other than Andy Bernard. Concerned, the couple looks at their coworker, and the Nard Dog quips that he got the room the night before them and that he'll "break in the bed," which, yeah, can you get any creepier than that? Ironically, the eccentrically dressed salesman ends up spending the night in Pam's room, moaning on the floor in agony due to his torn scrotum. Karma, anyone?

Jim and Pam get some of the strangest gifts

Towards the end of the episode, everyone arrives at the wedding ... and proceeds to wait for over an hour for the happy couple to show up. During this time, we find out that Jim and Pam are about to get some pretty interesting surprises in their wedding gift inventory, particularly from Michael and Dwight.

Michael is shown holding a delightfully childish portrait of the soon-to-be-Halperts, as the boss calmly and coolly explains that he gives them cash every week, so he opted for something unique. We then find out that he hand-painted the piece of art himself from memory. He then jokes — or at least, hopefully he's just joking — that he has a second one with them in the nude, adding, "But that one is for me," which, gross.

We then find out that Dwight has gone full-Schrute with his gift, providing a set of turtle boiling-pots, a shell hammer, and bibs to keep the newlyweds clean as they eat their reptilian meals. We even find out a bit later that he also included live turtles in the box, which eventually chew their way out of the packaging. The entire gift is simply another display of the oddball behavior of Dunder Mifflin's top salesman.

Kevin has some weird bathroom habits

The highlight of the entire episode comes when Pam and Jim elope from their own wedding in order to get hitched by the captain of the Maid of the Mist. This, naturally, leaves everyone back at the wedding waiting. During this time, Michael meets Pam's mom, Dwight's turtle chews out of its packaging, and Angela tells Erin that she'll "get her shot at Jim" at some point.

In the midst of the anxious delay, one other tidbit slips into the conversation, and it takes place between Kevin and Oscar. Kevin can be seen nervously bouncing on his heels as he looks back and forth, trying to decide if he has time to pee before the action starts. Surprised, Oscar inquires how long it takes to pee, implying that Kevin should have plenty of time for a quick trip to the restroom. Kevin's response comes out of left field, as he retorts, "The peeing is fast, Oscar. It's getting my tie back on." As he shakes his head in disbelief at the question, Oscar looks pensive and confused about Mr. Malone's washroom habits — just like the rest of us.

Toby and Pam sitting in a tree

Toby Flenderson plays a quiet yet crucial role throughout The Office. The gloomy sad sack is the infinite butt of jokes, and he's constantly on the receiving end of Michael's vitriolic anger. Nevertheless, early on in the show, we find that the suppressed HR rep aspires to win the love and affection of none other than Pam Beesly. Throughout the first few seasons, we see him try over and over again to either ask Pam out or run away from the situation entirely. Eventually, he even moves all the way to Costa Rica. When his exotic adventure doesn't pan out, though, he finds himself back in Scranton, begrudgingly watching as Jim and Pam fall in love, start a family, and get married.

It turns out, though, that Toby still isn't over his long-held crush, even in season six. On the contrary, when Pam and Jim don't show up to the wedding on time, the camera cuts to Mr. Flenderson, sporting an obvious smile on his face and reporting, "Well, I guess this wedding is not gonna happen. Wonder if this is it for them." At that moment, the secretly married Halperts enter the building, wiping the happy look from the gloomy Gus' face in an instant. Poor Toby strikes out on love yet again.