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The Ending Of Who Killed Sara Season 2 Explained

Netflix is consistently putting out interesting international shows, with past hits like "Dark" from Germany and "Kingdom" from South Korea. As for Spanish-language shows coming out of either Spain or Mexico, crime mystery dramas seem to be quite popular. In 2018, Netflix premiered the hit series "Elite," about a student from a rich, private high school who is found brutally murdered. Then there's "Sky Rojo," about three sex workers who go on a dangerous journey together to escape the club they work at and the man who controls them.

Around the same time that Season 1 of "Sky Rojo" premiered in early 2021, Netflix released the first season of a Mexican mystery thriller called "Who Killed Sara?", and people were immediately obsessed. "Who Killed Sara?" focuses on the aftermath of a day spent on the lake for a group of friends, when a young woman named Sara Guzmán (Ximena Lamadrid) dies after a strange parasailing accident. 18 years later, her brother Alex Guzmán (Manolo Cardona) gets out of jail for her murder — a crime he didn't commit — determined to take down the rich, privileged family that he believes is really behind it.

Thankfully, fans who binged Season 1 didn't have to wait long for new episodes, as Season 2 of "Who Killed Sara?" premiered on Netflix on May 19, 2021. So do we finally have the answers about what happened to Sara?

Here's the ending of "Who Killed Sara?" Season 2 — explained.

Do we finally know who killed Sara?

Sadly, the answer to this is still no. Season 2 of "Who Killed Sara?" fills in more of the gaps in Sara's story and the background of the Lazcano family. The signs are still pointing to someone in the Lazcano family or those close to them being responsible, but with the constant twists and turns of this show, who knows what will happen.

At the end of Season 2, the story reveals that Sara's best friend Marifer — played by Ela Velden, with Litzy portraying the older version of the character — is the one who sabotages the parachute that Sara uses on that fateful day to parasail. But there's a lot more to the story than what's on the surface, and it's very possible that the parasailing fall isn't what kills her. Some fans even consider the possibility that Sara doesn't die that day, and César Lazcano (Ginés García Millán) keeps her alive and hidden at least long enough to have their baby.

Another possible murderer still in consideration is Sergio Hernández (Juan Carlos Remolina), the sadistic right hand man to César whose murderous secret is found out by Sara. Considering he already has no qualms about murdering women, it's not a stretch to think he'd kill Sara to protect his secrets. There's also César himself, as well as his wife Mariana (Claudia Ramírez), who tries to kill Sara through Elroy (Marco Zapata/Héctor Jiménez) but doesn't succeed. Does she try again later? 

Who was buried in Sara and Alex's backyard?

At the end of Season 1, Alex finds his sister's second diary holding her much darker secrets. In one entry, Sara reveals that there is a body buried in the backyard of their house. Alex promptly digs it up, but it isn't until Season 2 of "Who Killed Sara?" that we find out exactly who this skeleton belongs to. Well, it turns out that the skeleton in the Guzmáns' backyard is a man named Abel, Sara's father. With this reveal, fans also find out that not only are Sara and Alex only half siblings, but Sara is also half siblings with Marifer, her best friend, as Abel was previously married to her mother, Cristina. It's quite the twisted family tree.

Alex later finds a camcorder tape labeled "Abel" in Sara's room. The tape shows how years ago, shortly before Sara's murder, Abel comes to the house and attacks Sara, intending to kill her to keep his previous crimes secret. Needing help, Sara calls the Lazcanos and César comes over. Abel brings Sara to the backyard and attempts to stab her, leading César to shoot and kill him. César and Sara then bury the body and cover up the murder. All in all, it's safe to say that Abel probably deserves what happens to him. But now that the body's uncovered, the police think that Alex is behind the murder. Luckily, someone surprising comes to his rescue and takes the fall for César's crime.

What happens to Marifer and Chema?

Through the "Abel" tape, Marifer experiences a couple of huge revelations — one, that Sara is her sister, and two, that Abel is the murderer of her mother, who goes missing years earlier, and Sara and the Lazcanos have nothing to do with it. This really challenges her way of thinking, and Marifer doesn't handle it well.

When Marifer returns home, her sister Clara (Fátima Molina) is there awaiting the arrival of Mariana. Clara is close friends with Chema (Polo Morin), Mariana's youngest son, who was also on the boat the day of Sara's murder. Clara is pregnant with Chema's child, carrying the baby as a surrogate for Chema and his partner. Mariana and Clara then confront Marifer over her scheming to find out who is behind Cristina's murder, and an ensuing struggle between Marifer and Mariana over a gun results in Clara's death. Clearly, Marifer can't catch a break. Distraught, Marifer tries to confess to Alex that she was responsible for Sara's death (as far as she knows), but then she ends up getting injured in a fire that likely kills her.

As for Chema, he soon finds out about Clara and the baby's death and breaks down completely. With no hope for his future, Chema goes to the police station and admits to two murders that he isn't guilty of, one being Abel's murder. Through this, Chema intends to make up for some of the horrific crimes his family's committed, and he takes the blame for Abel's death to pay back Alex for the Lazcanos framing him for Sara's murder.

What is Nicandro's secret?

With all of this going on, you'd think that there could be no more surprises, but you'd be wrong. Although it appears that the mystery is solved — with Marifer the culprit behind Sara's murder — the final minutes of "Who Killed Sara?" Season 2 hint that there's a lot more to the story of how Sara dies, and it has something to do with Nicandro (Martin Saracho). In Seasons 1 and 2, Nicandro is a small supporting character who is a drug dealer and friend of the Lazcano family, and he's also present on the boat the day Sara dies.

In the final scene of the Season 2 finale, an older Nicandro is looking at a medical file for Sara and talking to someone on the phone named Dr. Alanis, Sara's psychiatrist. Their conversation reveals that before Sara dies, she's involved in a secret medical project that somehow leads to her murder. Nicandro tells Alanis that they want Alex to believe that Marifer is Sara's murderer, and that "neither him nor the Lazcanos can know who really killed Sara ... No one can know we were behind it." With this reveal, Season 2 of "Who Killed Sara?" leaves fans with even more questions than they started with, eagerly waiting for Season 3 to provide some answers. With any luck, more episodes of Netflix's hit murder mystery, "Who Killed Sara?", are already on the way.