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Exclusive Clip: Rene Cracks Open A Safe In New Storage Wars Episode

As longtime fans of the A&E reality TV series know, the members of the "Storage Wars" cast take their craft seriously. It isn't just about making smart bids on abandoned storage lockers, or spotting valuable items in up-for-auction units that other bidders don't see, or doing due diligence in getting the best offers when reselling items they now own. Succeeding in the storage locker buying and reselling business necessitates a combination of all these things, plus a willingness to go to whatever lengths needed in order to get the biggest profit possible. 

For "Storage Wars" staple Rene Nezhoda, going the extra mile means taking matters into his own hands — literally. 

The newest episode of "Storage Wars" — premiering on A&E tonight, May 18, at 9 PM ET — sees Rene grabbing a crowbar and a mallet to crack open a safe that he finds inside his latest purchase. Ahead of the episode's premiere, Looper is excited to share an exclusive clip with "Storage Wars" fans.

Will Rene's gamble pay off?

In the clip, Rene Nezhoda admits that he's worried he overpaid for this new unit, and wonders how he'll be able to recoup the $725 he coughed up for it. "I'm taking a gamble," he says. "I've gotta be hones: This is not a safe bet." 

Rene doesn't let stress get in the way of his goal, though, and he starts sifting through the locker with unshakable determination. He first spots what appears to be some electric-green harnesses that could earn him a few bucks, but it's Rene's next discovery that could turn the tides of fate back in his favor. It's a small, square safe — and while Rene gives it a shake and says that it "feels awfully empty," he's not about to give up hope until he sees what is (or isn't) inside. 

With a crowbar and mallet in hand, plus fellow "Storage Wars" cast members Ivy Calvin and his son looking on in delight, Rene smacks the hinge off the safe and pries it open. Ivy lends Rene a hand in the final stretch, and when Rene is finally able to pop the now-battered lid off the safe, he lets out a squeal of delight. Has he found a pile of cash? Valuable gemstones? Jewelry? Some other rare item he can sell for thousands of dollars?

Fans will have to wait until "Storage Wars" airs its newest episode on A&E tonight at 9 PM ET to find out whether Rene's big gamble pays off.