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What Rene And Casey Nezhoda From Storage Wars Are Doing Today

When you tune into Storage Wars, you're watching for two reasons: The thrill of sifting through strangers' stuff, and the over-the-top characters who make their living buying the units. Sadly for viewers, it's been two years since the latest season of the show aired. As of now, there's no confirmation about when or if we'll ever see another season, and if you're a fan, you're probably missing your favorite bidders, like Rene and Casey Nezhoda.

Rene and Casey joined the program during the fifth season. The couple's low-key energy set them apart from the other rowdy bidders, and Rene's delightful German accent quickly became a favorite among fans of the show. As an already-successful newcomer to the series, Rene often drew ire from his colleagues. Despite his lovable personality, he wasn't afraid to hold his own against series favorites like Darrell Sheets. 

Even when they're not being filmed for the show, the couple is still working hard. They still own and operate the Bargain Hunters Thrift Store in San Diego, California, and have a few other ventures with which fans can keep up while they wait hopefully for Storage Wars season 13.

Rene and Casey Nezhoda have a popular YouTube channel

The Nezhodas may not be filming Storage Wars for the time being, but that doesn't mean they're avoiding the cameras. The couple regularly upload videos to their YouTube channel, Bargainhuntersthrift, as a way of staying in touch with their fans and promoting their business. At the time of writing, they had around 74,000 subscribers and 340 videos.

Videos on their channel cover a wide range of topics. The couple document themselves unboxing recent storage unit purchases, hunting down great finds at flea markets, giving tips and advice on how to sell secondhand items on eBay and other platforms, and even sometimes having their Storage Wars colleagues on for a chat. On Sundays, you can catch the Nezhodas doing live Q&A sessions with their fans. You'll also occasionally see them posting updates from family vacations, and streams of Rene's poker games.

In recent years, they've upped their game and begun hunting down the most luxurious and exclusive storage units in existence: Celebrity units.

Celebrity storage units are Casey and Rene Nezhoda's new passion

As of late, Rene and Casey have taken an interest in buying storage lockers that were owned by celebrities. They made news in 2018 after buying a locker that had belonged to the late TV star Farrah Fawcett. According to a statement they made to The Blast, the locker itself was a bust, containing around $5,000 worth of items on a $3,500 investment. The couple claims that, of all the celebrity lockers they've purchased, "This is the first one we lost money on." The purchase did cause significant drama for Fawcett's relatives, some of whom believe that the storage unit should never have been up for auction in the first place.

The couple made a more lucrative celebrity storage locker acquisition when they purchased NBA star Lamar Odom's locker in 2018. Inside, Rene and Casey found jerseys and shoes the former LA Lakers player wore during games, along with other impressive basketball paraphernalia. There were also artifacts from Odom's marriage to Khloe Kardashian, from whom he has been divorced since 2016.

In 2020, the couple posted a video to their YouTube Channel titled, "Buying Stuff from Jamie Kennedy Celebrity Storage Episode 1." The video featured Rene haggling with actor and comedian Jamie Kennedy to purchase some items from his garage full of film paraphernalia. As the title of the video implies, the couple seems to have plans to do more celebrity collaborations, which will be a thrill for fans who love to consensual snoop into the homes of the stars.

Bargain Hunters Thrift Store was robbed

Now, for a less fun update. In May, 2019, Rene and Casey experienced one of the downsides of their celebrity status when their store, Bargain Hunters Thrift Store, was robbed. In a video uploaded to their YouTube channel, the couple surveyed the damage done to the store, which included a broken front door and shattered display cases.

The thief stole several dozen silver coins, which Rene estimated to be worth over $200. Also taken were some valuable baseball cards, bringing the grand total of stolen merchandise to around $400. When the thief left, they smashed through a different glass door than the one through which they entered. With both glass doors broken, as well as one of their display cases, Rene and Casey estimated that, in addition to the lost merchandise, the intruder also caused about $2,000 in property damage.

Rene did offer a note of warning to any potential future thieves, saying, "I am sometimes here late at nighttime, and I am armed, so if you do that while I'm in here, you will get shot."