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Why Vanderohe From Army Of The Dead Looks So Familiar

After finally managing to release his version of "Justice League" for all to see on HBO Max, director Zack Snyder has a very different kind of ensemble film on deck. Instead of centering on superheroes who need to team up, Netflix's "Army of the Dead" follows a group of mercenaries who have to steal millions of dollars in cash from a Las Vegas casino. The only problem is that the city now serves as home to a horde of zombies out for flesh, and by the looks of it, at least several team members aren't going to make it out alive. 

The "Army of the Dead" trailer promises plenty of Snyder's signature action sequences as well as a ferocious zombie tiger. Snyder's also assembled a top-notch cast, including the likes of Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Tig Notaro, and Omari Hardwick. Audiences should take particular note of Hardwick's character, Vanderohe, described as a "soldier and philosopher" (via CinemaBlend). By that description, he should offer loads of high-concept musings in between mowing down rows of the undead. 

Hardwick's a stellar choice for the role, as his résumé sees him portraying plenty of authoritative figures who demand attention. From superhero movies to TV dramas, here's where you may have seen Omari Hardwick before. 

Omari Hardwick was Big Daddy's ally in Kick-Ass

Before "Deadpool" thoroughly skewered the superhero genre, there was a little film called "Kick-Ass" that also parodied many of the clichés that tend to pop up in these stories. The movie follows teenager Dave Lizewski, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who becomes inspired by his favorite comic books and decides to help those in need by donning the mantle of Kick-Ass. Things start off simply enough, but Dave soon becomes part of a much larger conspiracy and teams up with two other masked vigilantes: Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and Hit-Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz). 

While the father-daughter duo have plenty of funny moments, they're also tinted with tragedy, as Big Daddy used to be a cop before he served time in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He's on the war path now — much to the distress of his former partner, Sergeant Marcus Williams (Omari Hardwick). He doesn't wear a mask like the other characters do in "Kick-Ass," but Marcus does end up getting wrapped up in the superheroes' exploits once he stumbles upon a comic book that essentially functions as a confession of how Big Daddy came to be.

By the end of the film, Marcus takes custody of Hit-Girl, hoping to give her a normal life. Naturally, things don't stay normal for long, seeing as how everyone puts the masks back on for "Kick-Ass 2." Hardwick didn't reprise his role for the sequel, so Morris Chestnut had to step in.

Omari Hardwick had the lead role on Power

James "Ghost" St. Patrick requires an intimidating presence. After all, he attempts to run a legitimate business while campaigning for Lieutenant Governor ... while having inner-workings within the criminal underworld. For six seasons of "Power," Omari Hardwick portrayed him perfectly, making him utterly likable one second and downright menacing the next. Spoilers for "Power" ahead!

As is the case with many TV anti-heroes, Ghost doesn't necessarily receive a happy ending. The final episode of "Power" sees him finally attaining his dream of becoming Lt. Governor, which would allow him to put his criminal workings behind him. However, when you deal with shady characters, you're in that world for life, and Ghost meets a violent end by the series' finale. The creator of the show planned his death from the very beginning, and honestly, after over 60 episodes, there's no other way all this could play out.

Of course, with various "Power" spin-offs in the works (via Entertainment Weekly), it's clear Ghost's legacy will continue to live on.

He took a dive into absurdism with Sorry to Bother You

"Sorry to Bother You" may have been one of the trippiest movies to come out of 2018, but it also delivered plenty of humor and social commentary on the state of capitalism. Cash (Lakeith Stanfield) exists at the center of the film as a budding telemarketer who soon gets ahead of his co-workers by using his "white voice." As all his friends unionize, Cash joins the very different, more affluent world of Power Callers. This is where he meets the mysterious Mr. _______, played by Omari Hardwick.

Mr. _______ also uses his "white voice" (provided by Patton Oswalt) at all times, and he serves as a guide of sorts into the seedy underbelly of the corporation for which they work. As it turns out, the company sells military arms, and while Cash feels hesitant to pursue this kind of work, he soon grows to enjoy it. While he reaps the financial benefits, Cash alienates all of his friends in the process — and somehow, things only get weirder from there. 

Omari Hardwick has had an eclectic career, so his role in "Army of the Dead" feels right at home. He's heading into bonafide action star territory, so make sure to see him kick undead butt in his latest cinematic outing.