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Amazon's Wheel Of Time Series Hits A Major Production Milestone

Amazon's "Wheel of Time" series is officially one step closer to hitting fans' TV screens.

As TV networks and streaming platforms all compete to put out the next hit live-action fantasy series, Amazon Prime Video has strategically positioned itself to achieve massive success in the fantasy genre moving forward. The streamer has not just one but two high-profile, blockbuster fantasy TV projects in the works right now — both of which also happen to be based on hugely popular and beloved fantasy novel series. The first is its planned "Lord of the Rings" prequel series, while the second is "The Wheel of Time," which boasts an impressive ensemble cast led by "Gone Girl" star Rosamund Pike.

Based on the fantasy novel series of the same name by Robert Jordan, "The Wheel of Time" takes place in a world in which only women can use magic. The story focuses on the search for the Dragon Reborn, a prophesied individual whose actions will either save or destroy humanity. Spanning 14 volumes, the original book series is wildly popular amongst fantasy fans. Fortunately, those same fans have received an exciting update about the Amazon adaptation.

Amazon's Wheel of Time series has completed filming

WOTSeries.com, an unofficial "Wheel of Time" fan site, is reporting that filming for the first season of Amazon's "Wheel of Time" TV series has finally wrapped. The site notes that several of the series' key crew members recently shared social media posts celebrating the completion of filming. However, the outlet claims it has heard word that there may still need to be some additional reshoots and pick-ups shot for the season.

The news comes almost two full years after principal photography originally began on the "Wheel of Time" series. The Amazon production started filming its first season all the way back in September 2019, but its plans to finish shooting in May 2020 were interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Filming was put on hold in March 2020 and didn't resume until several months later in September 2020, before being shut down again in November 2020 (via WOTSeries.com).

The good news is that after having its production schedule stretch on for far longer than it was supposed to, "The Wheel of Time" Season 1 has completed its principal photography. There's no word yet on when the series will make its long-awaited premiere on Amazon Prime Video, but this update should nonetheless be an exciting one for "Wheel of Time” fans everywhere.