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DCEU Kisses Ranked Worst To Best

The DCEU might be a dark place sometimes, but it always has room for romance. Fans love watching Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) and Lois Lane (Amy Adams) fall in love again in 2013's "Man of Steel." 2017's "Wonder Woman" brings Princess Diana (Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) together. 2018's "Aquaman" finds Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) and Mera (Amber Heard) catching each other's eye in the midst of an underwater war.

Indeed, love is in the air in the DCEU — but it doesn't always work out all that well. Highs and lows rock the romances of the DCEU. Some couples suffer from a lack of screen time and sufficient development. Some fall prey to wooden acting. Some just aren't all that interesting, in spite of everyone's best efforts. However, when the DCEU gets it right, the franchise shines. And there's nothing that encapsulates a swoon-worthy romance better than a memorable kiss. 

The DCEU's best kisses represent the shared universe at its peak. The worst kisses are cringeworthy, unbelievable, and worst of all, boring. From Joker and Harley's first smooch to Clark and Lois' reunion, these are the kisses of the DCEU, ranked from the dismal worst to the heart-pounding best.

12. Batman and Harley Quinn kiss in Suicide Squad

The worst kiss in the DCEU takes place early in "Suicide Squad," during a flashback to Harley Quinn's capture. Harley (Margot Robbie) and the Joker (Jared Leto) are streaking around Gotham in a sleek purple car when the Dark Knight (Ben Affleck) intervenes, much to her chagrin. Cursing Batman for "ruining date night," Harley tries to take out the Caped Crusader before Joker drives them both into Gotham Harbor. Mistah J abandons Harley underwater, causing her to be apprehended by Batman.

Batman issues CPR once they're back on dry land. Once resuscitated, Harley promptly pulls the hero in for a mocking kiss. Their pseudo-sexual embrace is a gratuitous moment in a movie already overstuffed with them: Batman and Harley's "kiss" comes minutes after the Dark Knight knocks her unconscious with a brutal underwater blow, juxtaposing excessive violence with a moment that needlessly sexualizes Harley and her relationship with the Bat. "Suicide Squad" delights in excess, but after a certain point, its constant indulgence just feels gross.

11. Rick Flag and June Moone reunite in Suicide Squad

They're not the most toxic relationship on this list, but Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) and June Moone (Cara Delevingne) lack the chemistry of DC power couples like Clark and Lois or Arthur and Mera. Like Joker and Harley, fans first meet the duo in "Suicide Squad," where they fall in love after being recruited by Amanda Waller. Flashbacks reveal that archaeologist Dr. June Moone was possessed by the immortal Enchantress after June accidentally freed her spirit in a long-buried tomb. June struggles with the Enchantress for control of her body over the course of the movie, and ultimately loses. This leads to the witch freeing her brother, Incubus, and wreaking havoc upon Midway City.

June's romance with Rick Flag is a vital link to her humanity, but their relationship is never properly explored: Viewers only get a few glimpses of their love story before the Enchantress fully takes over. This lack of screen time hurts an already underdeveloped relationship. Their first kiss, shown during the first act flashback sequence introducing the Squad's members, is a brief, forgettable moment of pseudo-passion. Their reunion at the end of the movie, once June is finally free from the Enchantress' control, is less underwhelming, but ultimately lost in an overcrowded film. All in all, it stands as one of the DCEU's least memorable kisses.

10. Diana reunites with Steve in another man's body in Wonder Woman 1984

"Wonder Woman 1984," the 2020 sequel to 2017's "Wonder Woman," features a reunion between Diana Prince and Steve Trevor that has drawn mixed reactions from fans. As the sequel reveals, after Steve's World War I death in "Wonder Woman," Diana has struggled to move on. When the Amazon heroine comes across the Dreamstone alongside Barbara Ann Minerva, she unknowingly wishes for Steve to return to her. Her wish is granted: Steve returns to the land of the living and reunites with Diana in 1984 ... by possessing the body of another man.

The film mostly glosses over the body swap, but its creepiness definitely dampens this reunion of one of the DCEU's best couples. Diana even fails to recognize Steve initially, due to him inhabiting another person's body — she only cottons on once Steve repeats his final words to her. The two kiss, lost in the bliss of reunion. Although it's great to see the pair together again, it's difficult to forget that Steve is possessing another person ... and that Diana, allegedly a champion of truth, compassion, and freedom, is okay with it. Surely there's a better way for Diana to confront the fact that getting what you wish for isn't all it's cracked up to be?

9. The Joker and Harley Quinn kiss in a helicopter in Suicide Squad

Harley shares multiple kisses with "Mistah J" throughout "Suicide Squad." After she and the team are brought to Midway City, Joker rescues her — momentarily — by disabling the bomb in her neck and pulling her on board a helicopter. The villainous couple share a reunion kiss as they fly over the city ... until Waller has the helicopter shot down, parting Harley and the Joker once more. As Harley falls to safety atop a skyscraper, she sees the helicopter catch fire. Assuming the Joker is dead, Harley returns to the team for the final fight against the Enchantress.

Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn is undoubtedly the breakout star of "Suicide Squad." Jared Leto's portrayal of the Joker, in contrast, has been met with mixed reactions, as has his character's romance with Harley Quinn. Many viewers argue that the DCEU romanticizes abuse in its portrayal of Harley's relationship with the Joker, especially when compared to how the duo is depicted in "Batman: The Animated Series." Joker and Harley's brief but passionate kiss is one of the movie's more memorable moments, but it's also weirdly relieving to see them break apart. Without the Joker, Harley flourishes as her own person. As a result, this kiss lands in a strange spot: It's pulled off well, but it's part of a relationship we're ultimately happy to see end.

Leota and Keeya make up in Peacemaker

After injecting his unique style into the DCEU with "The Suicide Squad," director James Gunn delivered the only television series included in the cinematic franchise, "Peacemaker." An unexpected hit for DC, "Peacemaker" led by John Cena has won fans over with its quirky outrageousness. However, the HBO Max series has been particularly celebrated for its representation of queer culture – specifically with the character Leota Adebayo, the strong-willed member of Peacemaker's 11th Street Kids.

The daughter of Amanda Waller, Leota struggles throughout the series to balance her occupation and her marriage to Keeya Adebayo. Going through a whirlwind of emotions between betraying her new friend and exposing her mother's misdeeds, Leota's relationship with Keeya becomes more estranged as the first season progresses. However, after Leota faces a near-death experience in the eighth episode, "It's Cow or Never," she makes amends with her wife. The women, played by Danielle Brooks and Elizabeth Ludlow, share an emotional kiss, complete with romantic spinning cameras and the unique hair band rock 'n roll that defined the show's soundtrack.

8. Diana and Steve say goodbye again in Wonder Woman 1984

Fans are introduced to an iconic DC couple in "Wonder Woman," which sees Diana rescue Steve Trevor and leave Themyscira with him on her first journey to the outside world. The couple are reunited against the odds in "Wonder Woman 1984," decades after their climactic parting. You'd think that'd be cause for uncomplicated celebration, but it's not. Steve returning to life in the borrowed body of an unfortunate bystander is just too uncomfortable.

Eventually, the wish that brought Steve Trevor back to life takes a toll, and Diana begins to lose her powers. Simultaneously, Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) becomes a tyrannical force of evil. Thus, Diana and Steve are faced with having to say another goodbye. The couple share one last kiss before Diana departs to confront Barbara and stop Lord. Diana's heartbreak is palpable, and it makes this scene one of the most emotional moments in the DCEU so far. The questionable nature of the entire affair undercuts the moment, but cannot destroy it entirely. All in all, Steve and Diana's second goodbye is a moving scene, even if it's not their best kiss.

7. Harley Quinn's transformation kiss in Suicide Squad

Joker and Harley's best kiss takes place in a flashback scene halfway through "Suicide Squad," as the former psychologist remembers her transformation from Dr. Harleen Quinzel into Harley Quinn. After she helps him escape from Arkham Asylum, the Joker takes Harley to Ace Chemicals so that she might swear her undying devotion to him. To prove her love, Harley jumps into a vat of mysterious and likely ultra-toxic fluid. The Joker jumps in after her (though he hesitates for a second), and the villainous duo share a passionate kiss bathed in chemicals.

Harley and Joker's first kiss is one of the most iconic images from "Suicide Squad." Margot Robbie and Jared Leto sell the intensity of the scene, the cinematography is sweeping, and the Joker's maniacal laugh caps the moment with just the right amount of sinister foreshadowing. No kiss between these two could ever compete with other DC couples on this list. Still, Harley Quinn's transformation and the subsequent smooch encapsulates the chaos of these characters, as well as the unstable energy of their relationship.

6. Superman saves Lois Lane in Batman v Superman

In the final act of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) lures the Man of Steel out of his self-imposed exile by kidnapping Lois Lane and Martha Kent. Lex pushes Lois from the roof of a building to ensnare Superman, which works like a charm: As Lois plummets to her death, Superman appears in the nick of time. The couple share a kiss before Clark flies away to confront Lex and fight Batman.

Though not as passionate as their bathtub kiss in the beginning of the movie, the chemistry between Clark and Lois is just as palpable here. Moreover, the moment captures something special about their relationship: Being together makes them stronger. Lois can, admittedly, be viewed as a liability for Superman, as she is his ultimate weakness. Anyone looking to go after Superman (like Lex) can do so by putting Lois in harm's way. Still, these two are no strangers to defying the odds. Love is the most powerful force in the Man of Steel's life, and this scene is swoon-worthy proof.

5. Clark and Lois reunite after Superman's resurrection in Zack Snyder's Justice League

Both versions of "Justice League" feature an emotional reunion for Clark and Lois, though the Snyder cut develops their relationship more fully. In 2021's "Zack Snyder's Justice League," viewers see Lois struggle to cope in the aftermath of Clark's death. She visits the Superman memorial daily, and even skips out on work until the Martian Manhunter (disguised as Martha Kent) inspires her to keep going. Later, Lois proves to be the key when it comes to awakening Clark's memories: The newly resurrected Superman lays waste to the Justice League until Lois arrives to talk him down.

His rampage ended, Clark and Lois fly to Smallville, where he reconnects with his past at the Kent's farm. In "Zack Snyder's Justice League," the two share another sweet moment in the fields as Clark allows a butterfly to rest upon his hand. The juxtaposition between gentle Clark and unstoppable Superman highlights how vital his relationship with Lois truly is. The Man of Steel makes his feelings clear, telling Lois, "I have a second chance, Lo. I am not gonna waste it." Lois inspires his humanity, encouraging his best qualities and providing hope in his life. The two seal this fact, and their reunion, with a heart-melting kiss.

4. Superman and Lois Lane kiss in Man Of Steel

"Man Of Steel" tells Superman's origin story through a darker lens. Clark feels ostracized from the rest of humanity due to his powers, and struggles to reconcile what he can do with what he should do. Meeting Lois Lane is a catalyst for major change. The journalist intercepts Clark while searching a newly discovered Kryptonian scout ship, then follows him back to Smallville. Although she initially intends to write a story about Clark, Lois changes her mind after hearing of Jonathan Kent's sacrifice. The two grow closer, and eventually team up against General Zod and his Kryptonian soldiers. Eventually, Lois and Clark reunite on the battlefield at the film's end for their first kiss, solidifying their relationship going forward in the DCEU.

Superman and Lois Lane's first DCEU kiss crystallizes their romance. Lois grounds Clark, tethering him to humanity, while Clark gives Lois the passion that the ambitious journalist needs in her life. Their first kiss isn't their best, yet it memorably reflects the vulnerability of both characters. Lois and Clark's relationship is an integral part of the DCEU, and it all begins with this kiss in "Man Of Steel."

3. Clark and Lois' bathtub kiss in Batman v Superman

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" features several romantic moments between Clark Kent and Lois Lane. At the beginning of the movie, Superman saves Lois' life when a journalistic mission in Africa goes awry. Later, the two reunite at Lois' apartment, where Clark surprises his girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers. Lois laments the difficulty Clark faces in juggling his Superman persona and his relationship with her. In reply, Clark impulsively jumps into the bathtub with her — fully clothed — for a passionate kiss.

Many viewers criticized this film for its darker tone and grim perspective on Superman's story. Because of this, however, Clark and Lois' romance stands out as a bright spot in the movie. Their love for each other is tangible in every scene, but this one is especially intense. There's a sense, in the DCEU, that Clark and Lois often feel like it's them against the world, whether they're facing Kryptonian bad guys or corrupt political figures in Washington D.C. This kiss, with its mingling of Lois' anxieties and domestic intimacy, captures just how close those trials have made them.

Harley Quinn falls hard for Silvio Luna in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad

Undeniably, Margot Robbie's incarnation of Harley Quinn has been one of the most reliably entertaining elements of the DCEU. It's no wonder why James Gunn chose to bring the character back for another go with his version of "The Suicide Squad" in 2021. Even more entertaining, much of Harley's adventures in the movie involve her surviving her own solo mission after being captured by the dictator of Corto Maltese, Silvio Luna, played by Juan Diego Botto.

Always a heartbreaker and never a damsel in distress, Harley Quinn quickly wins over the heart of the tyrannical president. Invited out of her imprisonment, the anti-heroine is gifted a luxurious red dress and summoned to Luna's quarters. Hilariously, Quinn quickly falls for the handsome political leader, while he admits a love for her "anti-American fervor." It doesn't take long for the couple to seal the deal with one of the most passionate kissing scenes ever portrayed in the DCEU. However, their fling would be short-lived, even after the president proposes. Revealing his nefarious plans to his new lover, Silvio Luna quickly discovers a bullet in his heart while Quinn explains her issue with toxic relationships and violent ex-boyfriends.

2. Diana and Steve Trevor's first kiss in Wonder Woman

Like Lois and Clark, Diana Prince and Steve Trevor are a DCEU power couple. The two first meet in "Wonder Woman," when Steve Trevor crashes into the sea off the shores of Themyscira. Witnessing his plane go down, Diana jumps into the water and saves him. Unfortunately for the Amazons, German forces follow Steve to Themyscira, where they launch an attack that kills several of Diana's countrywomen. Steve tells Diana and the Amazons about the war. Diana, recognizing Ares' work, vows to stop the evil god and his dark doings. Thus, she accompanies Steve back to the world of man, leaving Themyscira for good.

Steve and Diana work together throughout "Wonder Woman," fighting side by side while gradually falling in love. After saving the town of Veld, the two give into their feelings and share a tender kiss. Steve and Diana's equal status arguably makes them the best couple in the DCEU. Although Diana has superpowers and Steve doesn't, the pilot never becomes a liability or a hindrance, proving himself to be a crucial member of Diana's team and instrumental in saving the world. Their first kiss cements everything they've gone through together, as well as the triumph of love in the midst of war.

1. Arthur and Mera's underwater kiss in Aquaman

"Justice League" introduces fans to Arthur Curry and Mera before their story is expanded upon in 2018's "Aquaman." Mera is more than a love interest throughout "Aquaman:" Her intervention is crucial in preventing a war with the surface, and she is key to helping Arthur accept his Atlantean heritage and his destiny as Atlantis' true king. The couple ultimately fight side by side against Orm's forces against a dizzying backdrop of underwater warfare.

Arthur and Mera's chemistry culminates with the best kiss in the DCEU. During the final battle, Mera gives Arthur some valuable advice about how to defeat Orm: "Last time he was in his element. This time, make him fight in yours." They proceed to lean into an utterly dazzling kiss as the vibrant colors of battle swirl around them, suddenly looking more like celebratory fireworks than acts of destruction. Arthur and Mera's romance is a highlight of the franchise, and this kiss is a high point of their bond. In all its visual splendor and crackling chemistry, it's the best kiss in the DCEU.