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Will There Be A Season 2 Of The Nevers?

Few TV series in recent memory have endured as much behind-the-scenes drama as HBO's "The Nevers." The Victorian sci-fi drama tells the story of a group of young women with superhuman abilities, which come in handy as they ward off both dangerous villains and societal expectations.

While the premise sounds promising, its background story has arguably earned more buzz. The series' production has been marked by plenty of ups and downs, from a bidding war between Netflix and HBO to the departure of its creator and original showrunner, Joss Whedon. The writer and director cited exhaustion, but allegations of his misconduct on the Justice League set plagued him in the weeks before his exit. While HBO stated there were no complaints of misconduct on the set of "The Nevers," the network made the decision to scrub Whedon's name from all marketing efforts (via CBR). Still, a new wave of accusations about Whedon's behavior on other projects has made it all the more difficult for some to view the series without that legacy being top of mind, according to Vulture

Despite everything, "The Nevers" creative team, led by new showrunner Philippa Goslett, soldiered on to complete the first season, which premiered on April 11, 2021. Now the biggest question remaining about the new series is whether there will be a Season 2 — and the answer, strangely enough, is somewhat complicated.

The Nevers has more in store for fans, with or without a second season

Given all the behind-the-scenes issues "The Nevers" has faced, it should come as no surprise that HBO has not weighed in on a second season yet. However, logistics, rather than caution, may be one of the biggest reasons there's no official renewal thus far. After all, "The Nevers" team is still hard at work on the first season.

When "The Nevers" first went into production, the plan was to produce a 10-episode first season. Work on the Victorian era drama began on location in 2019, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced the series to shut down while filming the fifth episode. HBO chose to air the first six episodes of the series, with the last arriving on HBO on May 16.

In February 2021, HBO's Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys said that the series' script writers were working on the final four scripts of the first season, and that there would be an update about when they would air "in the weeks to come" (via The Wrap). 

So, while there's no second season on the horizon, there is a part two of Season 1 for fans to look forward to. While reviews for "The Nevers" have been somewhat lackluster, it's unknown how popular the show has been on HBO and HBO Max. It wouldn't be the first time the viewers bucked the critics. If it's a hit, it's not unreasonable to assume HBO will pick it up again. Only time will tell.