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Shigeo Kageyama's Powers In Mob Psycho 100 Explained

The popular Japanese manga "Mob Psycho 100," which was created by the same artist behind "One-Punch Man," has gained popularity among English-speaking audiences over the last couple of years. Aiding that growth has been the production and dubbing of the two-season anime of the same name, as well as a live-action Japanese drama available on Netflix.

At the center of all these different interpretations of "Mob Psycho 100" is the story's unassuming hero, Shigeo Kageyama. The timid middle school student is what the show refers to as an esper, or a person capable of exhibiting ESP abilities. The twist that "Mob Psycho 100" throws into the mix is that Shigeo's most extraordinary abilities only bubble up to the surface during times of extreme emotion, both positive and negative. As the show depicts it, reaching 100% in any sort of emotional state, such as anger, ecstasy, and even sadness, will trigger dramatic abilities. In fact, the first time he does reach 100% — in the anime's third episode — is remembered as one of the most unbelievable anime moments of the last decade.

The constant introduction of new abilities or variations on old ones during the show means that keeping up with Shigeo's psychic strengths can be hard to do, although they all tend to revolve around a few specific actions. Here are all of Shigeo Kageyama's powers in "Mob Psycho 100" explained.

Many of Shigeo's powers originate with telekinesis

Throughout "Mob Psycho 100," viewers see Shigeo exhibit all sorts of exceptional abilities. However, at the core of many of them is one of his most straightforward powers — telekinesis.

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects without physical force and often with one's mind, although in science fiction and fantasy stories there are often other elements in play, such as magic in "Harry Potter" or the Force in "Star Wars." In "Mob Psycho 100," telekinesis is one of Shiegeo's most basic abilities and can be seen when he envelops an object in his blue psychic aura and can move it at will.

However, Shigeo's telekinetic abilities get even more impressive when he reaches 100% in an emotional state. By reaching 100% kindness, Shigeo can construct an impenetrable barrier around himself and others to protect himself from physical dangers. Extreme emotions can also lead to Shigeo being able to move impossible large objects, such as when he reassembles the Black Vinegar Middle school after reaching 100% sadness after the building was destroyed in his battle with Teru.

Psychic energy manipulation makes Shigeo even more powerful

While telekinesis may be one of Shigeo's most often used abilities, his powers to manipulate psychic energy from himself, his environment, and even his enemies has proven to be one of his most potent.

While Shigeo's ability to manipulate psychic fields mainly only manifests itself when he has reached 100% in an emotional state, this means that it often occurs when he needs it most. But Shigeo can also absorb energy from other espers, which allows him to defend himself from incoming mental assaults and even redirect that energy back at his attacker. However, Shigeo must use caution because this power can also absorb his opponent's emotions, risking him reaching 100% in a state he may not control.

Shigeo can also transfer psychic abilities to and from other espers and individuals without ESP abilities. Sharing these powers can help those without ESP protect themselves or help other espers regain their strength after particularly challenging fights.

Shigeo can project his spirit and detect others

Shigeo's other valuable skill as an esper relates to his ability to use his psychic powers to detect other ESP-sensitive individuals and project his spirit onto the environment. He can use this power to reach out into the world and see any other espers, along with any different types of spirits, within a radius up to twenty miles wide. This allows Shigeo to detect threats and prepare for any coming conflict.

However, the mild-mannered middle schooler can also take his spiritual powers and push his spirit out of his physical body. Once Shigeo has done this, he appears as a floating, cosmic creature in the Dreamworld that can directly oppose malevolent spirits. He can also enter the bodies and minds of other physical beings, although he cannot physically control them. It is also worth noting that when Shigeo is projecting his spirit into the Dreamworld, his body appears lifeless and is highly vulnerable to attack.

While Shigeo's powers may come and go with his emotions, they always seem to provide him with the extra boost he needs to survive a challenging situation. Beyond that, the constantly evolving nature of those abilities means that fans of the show, his enemies, and Shigeo himself always have something new to see.