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Mads Mikkelsen Gets Real About The Another Round Remake

The star of "Another Round" has some very interesting thoughts about the American remake that is in the works right now. An international co-production between Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands, "Another Round" won some notable prizes throughout this year's awards season (via IMDb) — including the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film. The film's director, Thomas Vinterberg, was also nominated for the Best Director award at this year's Oscars ceremony, but lost to "Nomadland" filmmaker Chloé Zhao. As the film's central star, Mads Mikkselsen received overwhelming praise and acclaim for his performance in it as well. "Another Round" focuses on the lives of four high school teachers who all decide to consume alcohol on a daily basis in order to see the impact constantly being drunk has on both their personal and professional lives. The film deals heavily with the way alcohol is viewed in Denmark, and goes out of its way to depict the various positive and negative ways that alcohol can affect a person's life.

Unsurprisingly, the success of "Another Round" didn't go unnoticed in Hollywood, with the news of an American remake breaking pretty quickly after the film's Oscar win. Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way helped secure the rights to the English-language remake of the film, with the potential for DiCaprio to star in a version of the role originally played by Mikkelsen. Based on some recent comments made by the "Another Round" actor, it looks like fans of the original film aren't the only ones curious to see how well its quality holds up as an American production.

Mads Mikkelsen knows what the Another Round remake has to do to be successful

"Another Round" star Mads Mikkelsen is interested to see how the cultural differences between America and Denmark impact the remake's depiction of alcohol too. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Mikkelsen said "It's always tricky to make a remake but on the other hand I understand why. Because even though a lot of people might watch [the original], it's not that big. Having said that I have a hunch that a lot of Americans [have] watched this one. So it's going to be interesting, the remake. There are some cultural differences with alcohol from nation to nation, especially between Denmark and America. Everyone's always like, won't they approach it really differently in America? Maybe. Maybe not."

Ultimately, though, Mikkelsen believes that as long as the remake manages to achieve the original film's life-affirming feeling, it has a chance of being successful. "The film is about embracing life and re-finding your life. I think if they get that right, they can have some freedom with the alcohol," the actor said.

Mikkelsen isn't the only member of the "Another Round" creative team to open up about the remake recently, as director Thomas Vinterberg told IndieWire last month that he's "full of hope and curiosity" about the American version of the film. Of course, whether or not the English-language remake of "Another Round" actually manages to both bridge the cultural differences between America and Denmark and recapture the same tone as the original film remains to be seen.