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Elena Kampouris Dishes On That Big Chloe Scene In Jupiter's Legacy - Exclusive

Spoilers for "Jupiter's Legacy" Episode 4, "All the Devils Are Here"

The fourth episode of Netflix superhero series "Jupiter's Legacy" ends with the low point of Chloe's (Elena Kampouris) life: her party girl ways have finally interfered with her modeling work and she keeps getting dropped by clients, both of which lead to her manager dropping her. She hosts a party after acquiring some super powered drugs, only to find herself alone hugging the toilet. Even though one of her friends tells her otherwise, Chloe decides that she's not, in fact, "better than this" and suffers a near-fatal overdose.

"This is a huge part of her arc and her journey," Kampouris told Looper in an exclusive interview, "especially knowing where she goes in the comic books, she hits bottom here. She doesn't even care. She doesn't care if she dies, I think she's acquiescing and relenting to that. She doesn't care because what you see in the scene before, she's saying 'I'm a jerk, nobody loves me. Nobody cares about me.' She's almost about to call her mom and she realizes 'What's the point?' In her opinion, it's futile, it's a futile gesture."

But that wasn't all Kampouris had to say about that big Chloe scene on "Jupiter's Legacy."

Elena Kampouris on how to handle an overdose scene

Elena Kampouris said she wanted to make sure that particular "Jupiter's Legacy" scene was done properly and respectfully, and did extra legwork to make it accurate. "I had to really dig into that and also research drug addiction and study. I had friends in my life that were gracious enough to talk to me openly about what they went through with drug addiction or are currently going through. And I was really appreciative of that because it was helpful to parallel that with my study of what Chloe is facing and how a big part of it is numbing the pain and trying to sedate that. But all it does is just heighten those feelings again for her, but she's just trying to feel comfortable in her own skin and learn to love herself."

Kampouris' performance was praised in a separate Looper interview with Nicole Hirsch Whitaker, the director of photography for that particular episode: "She was just incredible, channeling that energy into what it would feel like to have something like that happened to you when obviously she's never been through something like that."

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA's National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).