Tanjiro's Greatest Power In Demon Slayer Isn't What You Think

Few could have predicted that "Demon Slayer: Mugen Train" would break box office records both in Japan and in the U.S. But the popular shonen series was ripe for success thanks to its mix of striking battles that visually dazzle the eyes, somber points that can be heart-wrenching, and comedic moments that help lighten the heavy plot. The show also has an impressive protagonist in Tanjiro Kamado, the slayer who picks up the sword in an effort to find a cure for his demon sister, Nezuko Kamado.

Throughout the series, Tanjiro proves himself to be intelligent, kind, and skilled enough in combat to beat some of the show's most dangerous demons. His Water Breathing Style, coupled with his Dance of the Fire God, is as impressive as it is deadly to many of his supernatural foes. Yet besides displaying his otherworldly techniques with his sword, Tanjiro's most powerful ability is actually rooted in his nose. The growing slayer has a sense of smell that would make the X-Men's Wolverine jealous.

In fact, Tanjiro's nose is so strong he's even able to track someone who is hiding underground.

Tanjiro's powerful nose helps in his fight against the Swamp Demon

We actually get a chance to see Tanjiro's understated, yet keen sense of smell early on in the series. In Episode 6 of the "Demon Slayer" anime (via Crunchyroll), Tanjiro embarks on his first real mission from the Demon Slayer Corps. He's tasked with locating and destroying the Swamp Demon, who has been on a string of kidnappings. At night, the Swamp Demon appears and kidnaps another victim through a pocket portal that leads them somewhere underground. But Tanjiro is able to pinpoint with his nose the exact location underground where the victim is being held. He then stabs his sword on the ground, which reveals the pocket portal that's holding the victim.

That's not all Tanjiro is able to do with his superhuman sense of smell. In the same episode, while battling with the Swamp Demon, he dives into its watery dimension, which has little air; he's practically submerged underwater. However, thanks to Tanjiro's training on Sagiri Mountain, not only is he able to breathe and handle the harsh area; he can also use his nose to detect whether the Swamp Demon is trying to attack him. "Demon Slayer" has numerous other instances of this ability coming into play, from Tanjiro figuring out someone's emotional state to even using it to become the first one to locate head demon Muzan Kibutsuji in the following episode. 

Seriously, Tanjiro's nose puts bloodhounds to shame.