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The American Horror Story Character That Fans Love To Hate

A good bad guy will make you jump up once you see them on your television set. "American Horror Story" knows a thing or two about a good villain. Season after season, the writers create a number of characters that transcend good and evil. Jessica Lange's characters on the show are perfect examples. Constance Langdon in "AHS: Murder House" stirred equal parts sympathy and hate as the matriarch of her tragic family, as did Lange's portrayal of the dying, narcissistic Fiona Goode for "AHS: Coven." The former of the two earned her one of her numerous Golden Globe wins.

Multi-dimensional performances from incredible actors like Kathy Bates, Dylan McDermott, Adina Porter, and Sarah Paulson ensure that their "AHS" characters rouse the audience's emotions. That's the beauty of how the show's co-creator, Ryan Murphy, wants them to appear — none of them are purely bad or good, as they're all trying to survive. From Bates' The Butcher from "AHS: Roanoke" to Lady Gaga's Countess in "AHS: Hotel," fans hold strong opinions for or against these characters. Users online recently discussed their least favorite, and it turns out the "American Horror Story" character that many of these fans love to hate might surprise you.

Fans love to hate AHS: Cult's Kai Anderson

Perhaps it was his similarity to real online trolls, his greasy blue hair, or the undisputed prowess of Evan Peters' acting, but fans love to hate his "AHS: Cult" character, Kai Anderson. Before Kai was a cult leader, he was a young man traumatized by his parents' murder-suicide. Through radicalization, Kai becomes a right-wing extremist and commits despicable acts, among them starting a terrorizing cult in his Michigan suburb. "I wanted to dropkick him," wrote Reddit user FunPapaya1800 when he named Kai as his least favorite character.

"Yeah, Kai is not a pleasant character," Redditor ahs_hailey agreed. They admitted they found Kai attractive despite how he was a "trumpie[sic] and literal cult leader." Many fans share this sentiment, and there are plenty of other threads from fans dedicated to their conflicting emotions over Kai, like this one by Redditor SonaSierra19. The user noted that they were "so amazed by the writing" and that "Evan did an amazing job showing the complexities of a monster." They claimed they somehow found themselves rooting for the character from time to time. 

Ultimately, in "AHS: Cult," Kai gets his comeuppance. Considered by Bustle to be one of the show's most realistic characters, he meets his demise after trying to reconnect with the people that he misled and hurt in the first place, as he's shot by former cult follower Beverly Hope (Adina Porter).