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What Criminal Minds Fans Think About Paget Brewster's Response To The Revival

After "Criminal Minds” ended following its 15 season run, Paramount+ made the pleasantly surprising decision to greenlight a revival miniseries of the beloved crime procedural (via Deadline). The news is a thrill for fans of the show. In fact, when Looper ran a poll asking people which canceled TV series they'd like to see brought back, "Criminal Minds" was the hands-down favorite. However, before getting too overjoyed, it's important to keep in mind that the Devil is in the details. And at the time of writing, there aren't too many confirmed details about the forthcoming reboot.

While rumors have it that most of the core cast from the final seasons of the series are being approached to return, at least one Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) member appears to think that nothing is set in stone.

In April, Paget Brewster aka Emily Prentiss responded to a fan's tweet by writing, "We had great time and I want more ! Petition Paramount+ to make a new Criminal Minds happen. We, the cast and writers, are doing everything we can." When another fan chimed in to ask Brewster whether she'll be appearing in the revival, the actor responded, "If they want it to succeed, yes. Not trying to be a dick but ... they can hire new people and see where that goes, too."

Brewster, who was fired from the series in a controversial move by CBS and then brought back, is certainly not mincing words. On the series' subreddit, fans started a thread to discuss the central premise of her tweet. Is the "Criminal Minds" revival doomed to fail if they don't secure the original cast?

Fans agree that a Criminal Minds reboot won't succeed without the original cast

Over on Reddit, user u/drewsark_ started a thread to discuss Brewster's tweets, the title of which should give you an indication of how fans feel about her sentiments: "she's not wrong." They elaborated on that statement later in the thread by adding, "literally . what's the point of another season if it's new people ? i hope they're all in it."

Several other fans jumped into the comments to echo u/drewsark_'s sentiments about Brewster's tweet. User u/DansoRoboto wrote, "Hahahaha I mean, where is the lie?!" Meanwhile, u/LittleBeanJeanine expressed their Brewster devotion by adding, "i love her so much shes so right."

Some commenters brought evidence to the discussion. User u/Supernaturalfan15 noted, "if paramount doesn't include the O.G cast member I agree with [Brewster] it won't be successful. One of the main reason people love criminal minds is because of the cast."

User u/Gray_Kaleidoscope even had an example to help prove that point. They pointed out, "They've had like 2 spin-offs of ['Criminal Minds'] and none of them did well I think so yeah."

Whether it's for their personal love of the cast or their evidence-based theories about how the show would fare with an ensemble of newcomers, it looks like Reddit fans are in agreement with Brewster: Paramount+ should bring back the originals if they want the "Criminal Minds" revival to be a hit.