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The Untold Truth Of Dude Perfect's Cory Cotton

Fans of the famous Dude Perfect group will surely be familiar with the two twins, Coby and Cory Cotton, also known as Twin #1 and Twin #2, respectively. It's hard to keep up with them; although they are identical twins, the two of them lead different lives. While both brothers are a part of the crazy trick shot crew, one of them is a published author with a wife and kids. The other has lost the most battles in Dude Perfect history. Younger brother Cory Cotton is the overexcited twin that loves to run off, yelling "Let's GO!" with his arms out and, of the two twins, Cory can lay claim to having the most wins. But there's a lot you probably don't know about Cory Cotton. 

From his real name to the roles he plays behind the scenes, off camera, here is the untold truth of Cory Cotton from Dude Perfect.

His real first name is not Cory

One of the first things you will notice about Cory Cotton when you start to dig deeper into his life is his real first name is not Cory. Born July 17, 1987, Cory Cotton was born William Cory Cotton, according to the Dude Perfect Fandom site. This is also the case for his twin brother, Coby, who was born John Coby Cotton. Both of them decided it was best to go by something different, considering they were identical twins with almost identical middle names.

Of course, it doesn't exactly help keep things simple when two twins with similar names like Cory and Coby become friends with a guy named Cody, as in Cody Jones. Fortunately it's easy for fas to tell the three men apart, as the twins are easily distinguishable based on physical characteristics and Cody looks nothing like them at all.

Twins run in the Cotton family

Speaking of twins, they tend to run in the Cotton family. Cory Cotton is already known as Twin #2, born only a minute behind his twin brother, Coby, who's known as Twin #1. This twin-sibling rivalry is one of the best dynamics seen throughout the various Dude Perfect media, and Cory seems to better his brother in that aspect. Cory has won a total of seven battles, while his older brother has only won four. It doesn't look like the twin-sibling rivalry will stop with Cory and Coby, as Cory has also had a set of his twins.

On November 18, 2018, Cory and his wife, Amy Surplus, became parents to twins and named them Crew and Collins (via Fandom). They're probably too young for a fierce sibling rivalry like the one between their dad and uncle, but it will likely happen one day. 

Cory helps with editing the videos

Most of the guys in Dude Perfect have some sort of role outside of making incredible trick shots. According to Fandom, Cory likes to help the editing team — consisting of Tim, Chad, and Will — make the final version of the video. This may not seem to be within his particular wheelhouse — Cory received a Bachelor's Degree in Speech Communications from Texas A&M University, according to his LinkedIn profile — but when an extra hand was needed for the editing process, Cory was the first to jump in.

This is the case with most of the guys at Dude Perfect. None of them took on these roles when they first started making trick shots. As the company grew into what it is today, many of the guys began to step into the company's holes to keep it afloat. Cory's twin brother, Coby, also a communications major, helps with the mobile apps.

He is a published author

Cory Cotton didn't let his degree didn't go to waste by only making trick-shot videos for a living. In 2011, Cory published "Go Big: Make Your Shot Count in the Connected World." This book took readers behind the scenes of Dude Perfect and dove deep into the "Go Big" philosophy. The book also goes into their secrets of success and some tips on how to take your passion to the next level.

It's just one of the many things the guys from Dude Perfect have accomplished, aside from the YouTube series, documentary, mobile apps, andxtagstartz tours. Most of the guys have admitted they don't want to make trick-shot videos forever. Although they would like to keep the brand alive, they realize they will have to focus on other things, such as family and other career ventures. For Cory, he has his three children and wife to focus on, and possibly more books in the future.

Cory had probably one of the worst punishments ever

The Dude Perfect guys have had to face some hilarious and sometimes cruel punishments over the years; Cory himself has faced seven punishments in Wheel of Unfortunate. Some of these punishments include driving through a car wash on the bed of a truck, flying to Wisconsin for no reason, and eating dog food like cereal, all unfortunate tasks, but ones that end relatively quickly. Even the flight to Wisconsin resulted in Cory catching a flight back to Texas as soon as he touched down.

Unfortunately for Cory, he has more losses than anyone else on Overtime and received probably one of the worst punishments ever. In "Overtime 7," Cory had to shave his eyebrows. Yes, both of them. Eyebrows don't grow back overnight; it takes about 4-16 weeks for eyebrows to grow back. This is hands-down the longest lasting punishment, making it probably one of the worst ones fans have ever seen.