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The Small NASCAR Detail On Pawn Stars That Really Upset Fans

On "Pawn Stars," all the fun historical facts make the show more enjoyable. It's easier to get invested when you know a little backstory about all the cool items that come through the pawn shop. The Pawn Stars employ a whole host of experts to fact check their information, which is why it's so rare for them to make a glaring mistake. That said, it does happen. One Reddit user recently discovered a fairly significant error from the show, and you know they had to let the internet hear about it.

NASCAR fans may have a hard time forgiving the producers of "Pawn Stars" after the show whiffed on an important fact about the sport's biggest star. The worst part: Corey never even bought the item in question, but it hung around long enough for the mistake to rear its head. Check out the small NASCAR detail on "Pawn Stars" that really upset fans.

If only the production crew fact-checked everything

In Season 16, Episode 15, "Demon of a Deal," a man brings in a 1993 Dale Earnhardt Sr. racing suit from the Cocoa Cola 600, which Earnhardt won. The item has the racer's name printed on it, and an autograph with a letter of authentication. NASCAR fans already understand the value of this suit. Earnhardt, nicknamed "The Intimidator," is widely considered one of the best NASCAR racers to have ever lived. He tragically passed away in 2001 at the Daytona 500 after a collision that killed him on impact, but his legacy still looms over the entire sport.

Unfortunately for NASCAR fans, the producers of "Pawn Stars" didn't know that. Instead, as Reddit user NearsightedOrangutan points out in a post, the show says, "Earnhardt was killed instantly in a collision during the final lap of the 2001 Indy 500." The Indy 500 is in Indianapolis, nearly 1,000 miles away from Daytona International Speedway in Florida.

Despite all of this, Corey calls in an expert to authenticate the signatures, and the owner asks for $100,000. Unfortunately, the expert says the jacket is only worth about $20,000, and the owner wasn't willing to drop the price anywhere near that. It's safe to say fans who caught this error weren't too happy with the production team's careless fact-checking, especially since Corey didn't end up buying it.