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Here's Where You Can Watch I May Destroy You

Anyone keeping track of the best British TV shows on Netflix already knows that there are some great series crossing the pond. And not all of them involve corsets (yes that was a "Bridgerton" reference) or cakes (although "The Great British Bake-Off" is delicious.)

One of the most highly praised British TV shows in recent years — and best TV shows of 2020 — is the dark comedy "I May Destroy You." Made for the BBC and HBO, it was created, written, co-directed, and executive produced by Michaela Coel (via IMDb), who was previously best known for creating and starring in the comedy "Chewing Gum" and for appearing in two episodes of "Black Mirror."

Coel plays Arabella, a London-based writer trying to write a follow-up to her hit first book. On a night out, someone spikes her drink and rapes her. That's all Episode One: The rest of the season sees Arabella trying to piece together what happened, and figure out how she's supposed to keep moving forward with her life. At the same time, the people around her — her best friends, a former schoolmate, her on/off Italian not-boyfriend, and her parents — have their own highs and lows. But instead of sinking into melodrama, the emotions and the humor are raw and real.

"I May Destroy You" has received ringing endorsements from the likes of Jane Fonda (via Instagram), Pulitzer Prize-winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen (via Twitter), and "Doctor Who" actor Pearl Mackie (via Twitter). When it was snubbed at the Golden Globes, one of the writers of "Emily in Paris" (which was nominated) wrote an article in The Guardian in which she called the HBO series "my favorite show ever."

So what are you waiting for? Here's where you can watch "I May Destroy You."

You can watch I May Destroy You on HBO Max

"I May Destroy You" was originally broadcast on BBC One in the U.K. and HBO in the U.S., between early June and the end of August 2020 (via IMDb). People in the U.K. can still watch the show for free on BBC iPlayer, the BBC's free streaming service. If you're outside the U.K., you have a few options. Most of them involve signing up for HBO Max, HBO's streaming service. 

Although HBO no longer offers a free trial of this service, you can sign up for a free trial of Hulu with HBO Max (even if you already pay for Hulu), but it only lasts one week. Given how many people have found themselves binge-watching all 12 episodes of "I May Destroy You," depending on your schedule, that might be enough. If not — or if you need more time to check out the best HBO Max shows of 2021 — you'll have to pay the cost of a Hulu plan, starting at $5.99 a month, plus $14.99 a month for HBO Max. (Plus taxes, of course.)

You can also add HBO Max to your Amazon Prime account, at a cost of $14.99 a month on top of Amazon's monthly fee of $12.99. There's no free trial of HBO Max with Prime. But there is a 30-day free trial of Prime for new Prime customers: if you remember to cancel, you could get away with spending $14.99 for one month of HBO Max. And if all you really want to watch is "I May Destroy You," you can buy Season 1 directly from Amazon Prime for $19.99.

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