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Generation Season 2 - What We Know So Far

On March 11, 2021, a new dramedy television series called "Generation" (stylized as "Genera+ion") premiered on HBO Max. Created by Daniel Barnz and his daughter Zelda, the show centers on a group of high school students in Orange County, California. The Gen Z cast navigates their way through teenage trenches while exploring their sexuality in a modernized world still stuck in a traditional mindset. The show is also backed by Daniel's partner Ben Barnz and "Girls" creator Lena Dunham, who are both executive producers.

The season 1 finale aired on April 1, and so far, it's gained mostly positive traction during its time on HBO Max. Rotten Tomatoes critics have given the show a solid 74%, while the audience score comes in at 53%. Will the freshman show move to its sophomore year? There's been very little information released so far, but here's what we know about the future of "Generation."

What is the release date of Generation Season 2?

Season 1's finale was a wild ride, and it set the stage for budding connections, romantic relationships, and even the unforgettable birthing scene. According to an interview with DeciderDaniel and Zelda revealed that the first eight episodes of Season 1 are considered 'Part 1' while a whole new set of episodes will be released later in 2021, known as 'Part 2.' The show's official Twitter account released a teaser trailer on April 1 with the message, "see you soon loves" as the caption. Could this mean the rest of Season 1's episodes will be released soon than later?

For the time being, HBO max hasn't released any confirmation that a second season is happening. The silence isn't something to worry about, because some streaming platforms prefer to finish the current season before hyping any future episodes. For the time being, an extension of Season 1 is just what fans need, and hopefully, a second season follows suit.

Who is in the cast of Generation season 2?

There hasn't been any word on which cast members will return in Part 2, but based on Part 1's intersecting storylines, it's a reasonable assumption the fresh-faced cast will be back for more episodes. This includes Nathanya Alexander as Arianna, Chloe East as Naomi, Nava Mau as Ana, Lukita Maxwell as Delilah, Haley Sanchez as Greta, Uly Schlesinger as Nathan, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Sam, Chase Sui Wonders as Riley, and Justice Smith as Chester.

Most of the main cast are newcomers to the TV industry, but there are a few faces you might recognize. Chloe East played Reese Cabrera in the TV series "Kevin (Probably) Saves the World," and Justice Smith played Finch in the romance drama "All the Bright Places," alongside Elle Fanning. Nathan Stewart-Jarrett will appear in "Candyman," a direct sequel to the 1992 classic horror film of the same name. The young cast of "Generation" has a promising future ahead of them, whether a second season of the show is in the works or not.

What is the plot of Generation season 2?

Like the release date and cast, there isn't a confirmed storyline for Season 2 of "Generation." So far, the first half of Season 1 explores several complex relationships and storylines that are just getting started.

For example, Chester returns to school and realizes he's been assigned a different counselor. Greta and Riley are struggling with their relationship and are unsure of what to do next. Megan (Martha Plimpton) finds a video of Nathan and Chester kissing and lashes out in shock. These are all juicy storylines, but the most heart-wrenching scene involves Delilah and J (Sydney Mae Diaz) when they decide to leave their newborn at a fire station to give it the life it deserves. Depending on the outcome of Part 2, these storylines could continue to serve as the plot for Season 2.

During the Decider interview with Barnz, he was asked to provide a teaser for "Generation" Part 2, and this is what he revealed: "In this first block, we were exploring some really complex relationships between two people like Chester and Sam and Greta and Riley, even between Nathan and Naomi as siblings." He adds, "in block two, there's a lot of triangles that begin to form. That adds a lot of complexity and juiciness to some of those relationships." There's definitely enough meat in these stories to warrant at least one more season.