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The Breakfast Club Cameo You Forgot About On Two And A Half Men

A lot of celebrities wandered through the doors of Alan, Jake, and Charlie's place during the 12-season run of "Two and a Half Men." Everyone from Brooke Shields to Garry Marshall to Megan Fox appeared on the show — either in cameo roles or as guest performers. Even Jake dated Miley Cyrus toward the end of the show's run, and there was a memorable appearance by a mostly nude "Survivor" host Jeff Probst.

But one of the most interesting cameos harkens back to Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen's loose affiliation with the Brat Pack, and one of their most iconic films — "The Breakfast Club." Both men have close connections to "The Breakfast Club" and its cast members — Cryer was the iconic Duckie Dale in "Pretty in Pink" (1986), which featured Molly Ringwald, and Sheen is the brother of Emilio Estevez, who also co-starred in "Club."

Though Estevez himself, as well as both men's father, Martin Sheen, appeared on "Men," he's not the "Club" member you probably forgot appeared on the show. To have your memory jogged, keep scrolling.

Judd Nelson popped in for an episode of the CBS classic

According to Screen Rant, Judd Nelson (John Bender from "The Breakfast Club") appears as Chris McElroy in the episodes "Hookers, Hookers, Hookers" from Season 4 and "A Good Time in Central Africa" from Season 9

McElroy is the ex-husband of Alan's on-again, off-again squeeze, Lyndsey McElroy (Courtney Thorne-Smith), and is the father of her teenage son, Eldridge (Graham Patrick Martin). Chris contemplates reconciliation with his ex-wife during his first appearance — it was his fault they divorced in the first place, due to an affair. Alan is left in the dust, as they consider a second act for their marriage.

By the time Season 9 rolled around, Alan and Lyndsey are back together. When Chris shows up again, Alan believes that Chris is stalking him, inspiring great fear and panic in Alan. Naturally, he's managed to misunderstand Chris' intentions. All of this fear is ultimately for naught. Lyndsey and Alan end up engaged in the penultimate episode of "Two and a Half Men," capping off an epic "Breakfast Club" cameo.