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Lisey's Story: Stephen King Adaptation Gets A Creepy Trailer

The first trailer for "Lisey's Story" is here, and it looks suitably strange and creepy.

The upcoming Apple TV+ miniseries is the latest in a long line of recent Stephen King adaptations (others on television include CBS All Access' "The Stand" and HBO's "The Outsider"). Based on the 2006 novel of the same name, "Lisey's Story" focuses on the journey of a grieving widow who, two years after the death of her famous novelist husband, experiences a series of unsettling events that force her to look back on memories of her marriage that she had previously repressed. While doing so, the widow must also deal with the sinister efforts of an obsessed fan hellbent on getting a hold of her late husband's unpublished work.

The Apple TV+ title boasts an impressive ensemble of actors, with Julianne Moore leading as Lisey Landon. Clive Owen also stars as Scott Landon, Lisey's late husband, while Joan Allen, Dane DeHaan, Sung Kang, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Ron Cephas Jones round out its central cast. "Lisey's Story" promises to be a unique entry into the ever-growing list of King adaptations as well, with the author himself writing every episode of the series. For that reason, there's been an added level of anticipation from Stephen King fans — and it looks like "Lisey's Story" may very well live up to the hype.

The Lisey's Story trailer teases Apple TV+'s trippy new Stephen King adaptation

With only a few weeks to go until the show's June 4 premiere, Apple TV+ unveiled the long-awaited trailer for "Lisey's Story" on Tuesday, May 11. The trailer, which runs just a little over three minutes in length, offers a solid look at the series and does a keen job of teasing its various horror and fantasy elements. In that vein, fans of the original novel will no doubt be intrigued by the miniseries' take on Boo'ya Moon, the secret alternate world that plays an important role in the narrative.

What this trailer for "Lisey's Story" does more effectively than anything else, though, is showcase the adaptation's stunning visuals. The series is directed by acclaimed Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín, known for his work directing films like 2012's "No" and the Natalie Portman-led 2016 drama "Jackie," and it looks as though Larraín has brought his trademark visual style to the Apple TV+ adaptation. The trailer is full of colorful, unnerving, and ethereal images, which should just make the story at the center of the series that much more haunting.

That means that, at the very least, "Lisey's Story" could end up being the most visually gorgeous television adaptation of a Stephen King novel to date. Whether or not the series' plot manages to live up to the gorgeous visuals teased throughout the trailer, however, remains to be seen. Either way, "Lisey's Story" can't get here fast enough.