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Exclusive Clip: Rene Nezhoda Turns A Big Profit In New Storage Wars Episode

When it comes to turning ostensible trash into legitimate treasure, few people do the job better than the cast of "Storage Wars." The hit A&E reality series — which follows expert bidders as they purchase abandoned storage lockers in hopes of making money by reselling the items inside — is full-swing in its long-awaited 13th season, and the cast is still on their A-game after a two-year-plus hiatus. Ahead of the premiere of two new "Storage Wars" episodes tonight — Tuesday, May 11 — Looper is excited to share an exclusive clip featuring Rene Nezhoda. 

The husband-and-wife duo known as the Bargain Hunters, Rene and his wife Casey joined "Storage Wars" in Season 4 and haven't looked back since. While Casey has appeared on the series less frequently, Rene has been a core cast member from Season 5 onward. In one of the new episodes of "Storage Wars" Season 13, Rene will put all his locker-buying and reselling experience to good use as he rummages through a unit worth at least 8.5 times what he paid for it. 

Has Rene struck gold?

The latest locker Rene Nezhoda has scored cost him a mere $200 — a small price tag when you remember that "Storage Wars" cast members routinely shell out upwards of $1,500 for units they may or may not be able to recoup the cost of. It takes hardly any time at all for Rene to find items inside the locker worth the $200 he spent: 14 large U-Haul boxes, worth $5 each; two ladders, which Rene can sell back for $110 total; and a four-wheel dolly that can go for $20. 

With his money effectively back in his pocket, Rene then finds what feels like an endless stream of items he'll have no trouble selling: an extension outlet, stands, concrete-breaking tools, another dolly, industrial staplers, a table, dress shirts, a table saw with various guides and attachments, assorted woodworking tools, and more. However, the most interesting — and potentially the most valuable — find in Rene's newly bought locker are three items he doesn't immediately see a connection between: a gold mining pan, a mining ax, and what appears to be a scale for weighing gold. 

Before Rene calculates the potential value of those pieces, he estimates that the locker's items are worth about $1,700 combined. "Storage Wars" fans will have to wait to see how much more cash the Bargain Hunter will earn when two new episodes premiere tonight, May 11, at 9 PM ET/PT on A&E.