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Patton Oswalt Has Some Eyebrow-Raising Remarks About MODOK

Now that we're in May 2021, we can finally start focusing our attention on what matters most in life, and, no, it's not going outside and touching some grass. We're talking about the upcoming, Patton Oswalt-starring "MODOK" animated series debuting on Hulu May 21. The series boasts a cast that, like MODOK himself, exists for only killing, which includes Nathan Fillion, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Hader, John Hamm, and a host of other comedy legends.

But as excited as we all are about MODOK and his ultra-violent animated world, it's safe to say that many of us Marvel fans won't truly be content until the big-headed supervillain makes his way into the MCU proper. And, let's be clear — there's probably nobody out there who can do a better MODOK than Patton Oswalt.

Patton Oswalt is already a part of the live-action MCU thanks to his time on "Agents of SHIELD." The big question is — could Oswalt play MODOK in live action, too?

The biggest reason Oswalt would be live-action MODOK

Should MODOK make his way to the live-action MCU? There's one person who thinks the answer to that question should be yes — Patton Oswalt.

In an interview with Comic Book, Oswalt was asked about the possibility of his villain turning up in the MCU proper, and the comic was hopeful, especially because of constantly evolving film technology. "Especially with the stuff that they're doing now with, with animation and combining animation and live-action, it just gets better and better every movie," said Oswalt. "And it would even be more amazing if you do a combination of animation and practical, like build the suit build the chair and have that be part of it so that there's that feeling of solidity there I think would be amazing."

Yes, the tech is likely there for a live-action MODOK, but does Oswalt want the hypothetical gig? "Are you kidding? That'd be freaking awesome if we played MODOK live action," affirmed Oswalt. "Oh my God. I would love it. Plus it's an acting job where I get to sit down the whole time. Are you kidding? I'd love that."

"MODOK" debuts on Hulu May 21, 2021.