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A Cure For Wellness Super Bowl Spot Shows Off New Footage

Super Bowl Sunday is mostly known for the intensity that happens on the field between the two opposing teams, but for the TV and film-lovers out there, the teaser trailers and sneak peaks shown during commercial breaks are just as exciting — if not more. This year, A Cure for Wellness was among the long list of spots featured, and the eerie trailer got a ton of people talking.

20th Century Fox rolled out the newest trailer for the upcoming psychological horror/thriller flick, one that features a nice dollop of new footage. The Gore Verbinski-directed film stars Dane DeHaan (The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Kill Your Darlings) as a driven (and kind of naive) young executive on a mission to bring his boss back from a "wellness center" in the Swiss Alps, and is set for release on February 17, 2017. Included in the trailer are additional looks at DeHaan's cerebral Mr. Lockhart; shots of the mysterious and ominous Swiss center at which his company's CEO has been residing, with particular focus on its residents and the starkness of its landscapes; and the slow degradation of Mr. Lockhart's mind as he unravels the center's secrets — and his own sanity.

With the film's release just a few weeks away, this latest look seems the perfect thing to get filmgoers buzzing once again. Devoted movie junkies will be further excited by A Cure for Wellness, as it marks Gore Verbinski's first directorial effort in four years and his return to the spooky genre after a 15-year-long absence. Something tells us A Cure for Wellness will shape up to be one of the greatest horror movies of 2017.